Funds being embezzled in the name of cow protection: Mayawati

Funds being embezzled in the name of cow protection: Mayawati

LUCKNOW: BSP chief May­awati on Wednesday target­ed the BJP over the death of cows in government-aided shelters in party-ruled states of Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh and alleged that state funds were being embezzled in the name of cow protection.

“They have made ‘gau mata’ a political, commu­nal and casteist issue like Ram temple but why this cruelty and laxity in the name of ‘gau sewa’ (ser­vice),” she alleged.

“The situation is so bad under the BJP that there is no value of human life… now cows are also dying in government- aided ‘gausha­las’ (cow shelters) in BJP-ruled states because of ram­pant corruption,” the former chief minister alleged in a statement here.

She asked why the RSS is not seeking an answer from the state government on cow deaths. The BSP presi­dent demanded a review of schemes related to cow pro­tection and curbing corrup­tion so that cowshelters “do not become slaughter hous­es” and the religious beliefs of the people are not hurt. It would not amount to saffron appeasement, she said.

Referring to attacks by cow vigilantes, she alleged that atrocities were being committed on people after ac­cusing them of killing cows “thereby creating an atmo­sphere of fear and terror in the country”.

But in BJP ruled states like Haryana, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh, she alleged, “gau mata is being subjected to cruelty in cow shelters by embezzling government funds”.

Recently a local BJP lead­er in Durg, Chhattisgarh was arrested after 27 cows died in three days at his govern­ment- aided gaushala. He had claimed that they died in a wall collapse.