Scholars unhappy with verdict

Scholars unhappy with verdict

Instant talaq is prohibited in Islam. There should be a reasonable gap between (pronouncement of) two talaqs. However, if anyone utters talaq three times in one go, it will be considered that talaq has occurred. This issue falls in our religious laws and Supreme Court or anyone else has no right to interfere in our religious affairs.
Mufti Abdul Rashid Miftahi, Patron, Dar-ul-Uloom Bilaliya

Triple talaq is valid in Islam. If a person intends to commit talaq thrice without uttering word talaq three times or utters it more than three times, it will be considered talaq has occurred. This is our religious matter and if anyone interferes, we should fight these forces collectively to safeguard the principles of Islam.
Mufti Shabir Falahi, Islamic scholar

Triple talaq issue is being used for political gains. Islamic law comprises humanity and justice. It is equal for everyone, but for political gains its image is being maligned and then presented in a wrong way. Sensitive issues like Shah Bano and triple talaq are being used for political accretion, to defame Islamic identity and to display Muslims and Islam as wrongdoers and unfair religion.
Maulana Ghulam Rasool Hami, Chairman Karwan-e-Islami


Muslims should trust Muslim Personnel Law Board and get their issues resolved through it. The government should focus on providing safety to women instead of interfering in Muslim matters.
Abdul Lateef al-Kindi, alumnus of Islamic University of Medina