Massive clashes erupt inside Anantnag College

Massive clashes erupt inside Anantnag College
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Anantnag: Massive clashes between government forces and students erupted inside the Government Degree College Anantnag in south Kashmir after the students objected to hoisting of tri-colour during a sports event Wednesday.
Hundreds of students in Government Degree College Anantnag staged a massive protest and set the hoardings etc of a sports event ablaze after tri-colour was hoisted during the event, witnesses said.
They said that a sports event was underway in the College premises in south Kashmir when the tri-colour was hoisted and the large number of students present raised their voice against it.
“Soon the protesting students raising slogans sabotaged the event and set the hoards and other things around ablaze,” witnesses said adding a part of podium was also set on fire.
Sources said that the event organized by the state police was yet to start and the students objected to the tri-colour hoisted at the podium.
Soon after the event witnesses said that a large number of men in uniform barged into the college premises triggering clashes.

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