CM visit to DH Kulgam deferred courtesy uninstalled elevator

CM visit to DH Kulgam deferred courtesy uninstalled elevator

People unhappy about halt in functioning of ‘new block’

Kulgam: Chief Minister (CM) Mehbooba Mufti’s proposed visit on Wednesday to Kulgam, to inaugurate the new block of the district hospital here, has been cancelled following ‘concerns’ over the lack of an elevator in the block.
Despite all arrangements for the visit having been finalised at the hospital, it has been deferred indefinitely, much to the annoyance of the locals.
According to sources in the health department, the CM was to inaugurate the second and third floors of the hospital’s new block, housing its operating theatre (OT) and new wards.
However, the hospital has been struck off the CM’s final list of ‘places to visit’.
“I have just received the final list, and the hospital has been removed from it,” Deputy Commissioner (DC), Kulgam, Talat Parvez, confirmed to Kashmir Reader, “I don’t know the reasons though.”
Sources told Kashmir Reader that the visit was cancelled owing to an uninstalled elevator at the new block and because of several other pending works at the block too.
“The elevator of the new block, however, was far from ready, which would have put the patients to great hassle and inconvenience. This was conveyed to the CM, and the proposed visit has been deferred for now,” a highly-placed source in the health department told Kashmir Reader.
Kulgam lawmaker MY Tarigami said he had raised concern with the government soon after he was intimated regarding the CM’s visit.
“I told them the functioning of the new block without an elevator will hassle the patients. I don’t know whether my concerns have prompted her to cancel the visit or whether there is something else,” Tarigami told Kashmir Reader.
People in Kulgam are not happy at the debacle, though.
“The work on the new block has been going on for years. How were they planning to run an OT and the wards on the second and third floors without a lift? Were stretchers and wheel chairs supposed to fly?” locals asked while talking to Kashmir Reader.
They said that the administration should have taken the need for the elevator into consideration, and it should have been completed well before the CM’s visit.
People alleged that politics is hindering the smooth functioning of the hospital.
“We know how politics works. They won’t let the new block function without an inauguration by this politician or that. The process now will be delayed unnecessarily, all because of an incomplete lift,” the locals said.

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