Indian leaders using Kashmir card to befool people: Malik

Indian leaders using Kashmir card to befool people: Malik
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SRINAGAR: Chairman Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Muhammad Yasin Malik on Monday said Indian ministers are “using Kashmir card to bluff Indian public opinion”.
“From demonetisation to use of NIA to maligning Kashmiri resistance, everything that is harming Indian people is being justified in the name of Kashmir,” Malik said in a statement issued here.
He ridiculed the assertions made by home minister and finance minister of India about Kashmir, saying “One minister is taking credit of weakening the resistance in Kashmir by NIA threat and other is saying the so-called fading of resistance is because of much criticised demonetisation.”
“These Indian ministers are actually trying to befool and bluff Indian public opinion by playing anti-Kashmir card and hence trying to put their failures under the carpet.”
JKLF chairman said “demonising Kashmiri resistance has been a long ploy of Indian rulers who level allegations against leadership and propagate these false and fabricated allegations through Joseph Goebbels inspired Indian media”. “In fact all occupational regimes use these tactics against freedom fighters and if one thoroughly studies the history of Indian freedom movement, (he/she) would find similar kind of tactics and allegations casted against freedom fighters of that time.”
Malik said “RSS inspired people” can only think on the lines of Hitler and Mussolini as “these people even during India’s struggle for freedom (were) working as British collaborators”.
“A nation that is withstanding the Indian oppression of all sorts from last 70 years cannot be defeated by mean claims and political stunts. This is a people’s movement and people’s struggle and every Kashmiri is a part of this sacred struggle,” Malik said.


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  1. Vithal   August 26, 2017 at 9:39 am

    You idiot understand people’s (Indian) sentiments. You have sold your imaan to Pakistan. Kashmir belongs to India. just wait for scrapping of article 370, we all are coming there.


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