Creative writing workshop continues on the weekend

Srinagar: A month-long creative writing workshop for students continued on second Sunday on the banks of river Jhelum at Bund near Peerzu Island.
On the inaugural day last Sunday, the workshop was conducted at Cultural Centre at Nowhatta which was inaugurated by Director Tourism Kashmir Mahmood A Shah.
The workshop organised by Waruk, a social organisation working for the promotion of art among youth, in collaboration with Department of Tourism and Settle Light Productions was taken to another level with guest lectures facilitating the budding writers in the serene atmosphere of the river.
The workshop, aiming to provide for a common ground for children and adults, saw more than 50 participants, young and old, crafting stories together as groups.
Exercises merging creative writing with theatre and other creative arts like film making added diversity to the event as students were sent in boats to explore the historic areas along Jehlum Riverfront.
Deputy Director Tourism Riyaz Beigh paid a visit to venue to ensure that their requirements are properly met.
The workshop will continue on the coming weekend and is expected to produce more quality writing among the participants.
The organisers said the experiment to bring children and adults on a common front in writing has by far been a very rewarding and successful experience.
“Almost everyone can be seen teaching everyone else and there is no clear distinction between the trainers and the trained students. Readings from professional young writers in three prime languages Kashmiri, Urdu and English was an inspiration for the participants.”
A member of Settle Light Productions said they are always ready to help young and budding writers in terms of financial or other assistance to help them nurture their talent.