A few years more won’t harm, say kin

A few years more won’t harm, say kin
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Anantnag: A day after the Supreme Court agreed to examine their plea against army personnel allegedly involved in the Pathribal fake encounter, the families of the victims said they will keep fighting for justice, even though they have little hope of it.
Talking to Kashmir Reader, Rasheed Khan, son of Jumma Khan, one of the victims of the fake encounter of March 25, 2000, said he had no faith that he would get any justice now.
“We have been fighting for more than 16 years now. If justice had to come, it would have by now,” Rasheed said.
He, however, said his dwindling faith does not mean he won’t fight for justice.
The army men accused of the staged killing are Brigadier Ajay Saxena, Lt Col Brajendra Pratap Singh, Major Sourabh Sharma, Major Amit Saxena and Subedar Idrees Khan.
The army’s court martial of the accused ruled that the case was a “case of no evidence”.
“Had the commanding officer the power to declare so? The families want an open and public trial. There has to be a trial because the Army has not exercised the option,” advocate Nitya Ramakrishnan, who has appealed on behalf of the families, was quoted by media outlets as saying.
Back in Brari Aangan area of Pathribal, here in Anantnag district, Shakoor Khan, son of another Jumma Khan who was also killed in the fake encounter, said he will follow the case to its logical conclusion.
“Yes, I do not feel justice is round the corner, but we will have to keep fighting. It (justice) can come from unexpected quarters. Allah is all-merciful,” Khan told Kashmir Reader.
He said he was cooperating with the proceedings and had provided every document pertaining to the case.
“Let’s see what happens. We have been fighting this long-drawn battle for about 17 years now. I think a few more years won’t harm,” he said.
The plea in the Supreme Court has been filed by Ramakrishnan on behalf of the Dalal family of Anantnag, whose kin, Zahoor Ahmad Dalal, was a victim of the fake encounter.
The Dalal family has so far remained aloof from the media.

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