Prez Kovind flying to Ladakh on Monday to honour 14 Corps’ infantry unit

Prez Kovind flying to Ladakh on Monday to honour 14 Corps’ infantry unit

Srinagar: President Ram Nath Kovind is reaching Leh on his day-long visit to the strategic Ladakh region on August 21.

According to administrative sources, the President is scheduled attend a function at Ladakh Scouts Training Centre, Leh. He will present the Presidential Colours, a rare military honour, to the infantry unit of the 14 Corps in recognition of its exceptional service.

The President’s visit assumes significance against the backdrop of the standoff between the Indian and Chinese troops in Doklam near Sikkim and recent clash between them near Pangong lake in the Chushul sector of eastern Ladakh.

Reports said that the President would remain at the training Centre for over an hour where he may hold an interaction with the troops.

The President is also scheduled to attend a 20-minute function at Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre, Leh.

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