Zakir Naik contests NIA’s Red Corner Notice against him

Zakir Naik contests NIA’s Red Corner Notice against him
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Srinagar: Renowned Islamic Scholar Dr Zakir Naik has contested the NIA’s Red Corner Notice against him.
Naik has alleged that the case against him is linked to religious persecution of minorities in India.
Dr Zakir Naik has reportedly submitted to Interpol Naik in writing that banning his NGO, Islamic Research Foundation and preventing him from delivering speeches on Islam, was violating his freedom of expression.
As per reports in his submission, Dr Zakir Naik has argued that the Indian agencies were unfairly targeting him because he was a Muslim.
Naik has been alleged by Indian agencies to have played a key role in instigating hate and making inflammatory remarks that have led to acts of terror.
India has revoked the passport of Dr Zakir Naik and NIA has intimated Interpol of the recent revocation of Naik’s Indian passport and requested it to pass on the information to all its member countries.

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