Rasheed threatens to hoist black flag at Bakshi Stadium

Rasheed threatens to hoist black flag at Bakshi Stadium
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Placed under house arrest

SRINAGAR: Independent legislator Abdul Rashed Sheikh has been placed under house arrest, after he threatened to hoist black flag at Bakshi stadium on India’s Independence function.
Though, Rasheed as a state legislator was officially invited to the event, he said a posse of police arrived at his Srinagar residence Monday evening and told him not to move out because he has been kept under house arrest.
“I was invited by the government to attend the function but was kept under house arrest,” Rashed said.
“Though I had decided to visit the stadium, not to be a party to unfurling Indian flag but to register a protest.”
Earlier in the day, Rasheed said that AIP would observe India’s Independence Day as a black day and hoist a black flag at Bakhshi Stadium in Srinagar to “tell the common masses of India that J&K is a disputed territory”.
In a statement issue here, Rasheed congratulated people of India on eve of their independence day, but asked why Kashmiris should be forced to hoist tri colour on 15th August every year.
“J&K never got freedom on 15th August 1947 but in fact just 72 days after India won freedom, failing to understand the values of freedom, New Delhi by its military might snatched freedom of Kashmiris and has failed to fulfill its promises of giving Kashmiris Right to Self Determination,” Rasheed said adding that 15th August has also lost its relevance “due to the fact that New Delhi is using its institutions to humiliate and snatch the rights from people of Jammu & Kashmir”.
“Calling J&K its integral part but dragging the provisions granting J&K Special Status to Supreme Court has shaken the faith of those few people who believed in being part of India, as such Kashmiris are fair enough in celebrating 15th August as a BLACK DAY and Mehbooba Mufti or anyone else has no right whatsoever to hoist tri colour at any place in the state,” Rasheed said in a statement.
Since he became a legislator, Rasheed has not attended any of the I-day functions.



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