Meaningless Television Debates!

Meaningless Television Debates!
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By Jahangeer Lone

It seems that the Indian media received the momentum after the killing of Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Burhan Muzaffar Wani in an encounter last year on 8 July. Modern day debates are a source of entertainment. Now you don’t have to switch your TV channels here and there in order to brush up yourselves, rather go straight to any ongoing debate on any Indian news channel, you will feel fitter.
Nowadays, whenever we hear the word debate, our brains get accumulated with furious commotion. Indian TV debates are like a starved herds looking at meals after a week and then the group starts to quarrel with each other for the meals. Though the debates are meant to put your view very politely and wait till the time when your view is being answered and evaluated thoroughly, but it is not the case with Indian TV debates. In Indian TV debates, no one listens to anyone. Everyone speaks up simultaneously without listening to each other. Each one panelist tries to get the better of others and vice versa. A normal man watching television can only hear the crowded voice of the panelists- nothing else.
In fact, the real aim of the debates is to assemble various intellectuals together from different fields and communities to put an end to the grievances and menaces in society. But, nowadays the panelists might have forgotten the aim of discussion and they try to overcome each other at every point. The folk on the panels seem to be reluctant to hear each other. So, what does it mean to debate? Thank God, predominantly the panelists are at their respective homes, otherwise they may scold and duel with each other.
In TV studios everything is discussed- from red-cheeks to good weather. Recently on a prime news channel, a man cried out why Kashmiri people have red-cheeks even after remaining caged for half a year. Let me remind him that we have been bestowed by many natural and man- made resources that even after remaining caged for a year our cheeks and fair skin don’t get blackened. He alleged that Kashmiris are paid from across the border. In response to his allegations he was brutally trolled on social media.
Mostly the modern debates are based and related to Kashmir issue. It is the secondary question that solution for Kashmir issue gets merely discussed.
Instead of resolving the Kashmir dispute, the Indian news channels summon various intellectuals who, in front of cameras sip their tea and slam each other till time gets passed. Even some jingoistic journalists categorically oppose those who support Kashmir cause and deliberately either trim their volume to null or cut the phone line entirely.
Instead of indulging in positive journalism and showing the exact image of everything including Kashmir, they are always busy in slamming their neighboring country by making them responsible for the present scenario in Kashmir which is totally fallacious.
Many TV channels pick and chose their favorites and back them up throughout the debate. There are some ‘Kalkharaab’ debaters whose volume is diminished to zero, when they speak up nothing, but truth. To leave the debates in the midst is also the part of modern debates. Nowadays, you are not a good debater, if you don’t make rattling noise! That is why today’s debates have no value except entertainment.

—The author Hails From Gund, Ganderbal. He can be reached

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