15 Aug a Black Day for Kashmiris: DFP

SRINAGAR: The Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) on Monday said the August 15 day is the ‘Black Day’ for the people of Jammu Kashmir.
A party spokesperson in a statement issued here said: “While two nations of the subcontinent celebrate their independence days, the people of Jammu Kashmir continue to suffer from the Indian state-sponsored oppression. This Day is the most unfortunate and darkest day for us as India has occupied Jammu Kashmir forcibly and illegally.”
He said Kashmiris don’t harbour any grudge against the people of India but are their well-wishers. “Our movement is against the government of India and we demand our birth right of self-determination. As Indian people celebrate Independence Day on August 15, its forces continue to commit worst kind of human rights violations here and have unleashed a reign of terror in every nook and corner of the Valley. The killings, arrests, nocturnal raids, maiming and blinding our children have become a routine here,” he said.
“New Delhi should read writing on the wall that its hegemony won’t work within the territory of Jammu Kashmir. Despite celebrating the Independence Day in presence of 8 lakh forces in Jammu Kashmir for the last 70 years, the people of the State continue to demand Azadi from India and as such, every soul is steadfast,” the spokesperson said.
He added, “We will continue to observe this day as ‘Black Day’ till the Kashmir issue is resolved as per the UN resolutions or through tripartite dialogue. India cannot prolong the dispute for long but has to resolve it.”
Meanwhile, the spokesperson expressed deep grief over the killing of Yasin Itoo alias Mehmood Ghaznavi, Irfan ul Sheikh, Umar Majeed, Aadil Malik. Paying tributes to them, he said the invaluable contribution of Muhammad Yasin Itoo will be written in golden letters.
The spokesperson while slamming the state administration said, “In lust for power, these people have forgotten the value of human lives.”