Informers equally responsible for killing own brethren: Dukhtaran

Informers equally responsible for killing own brethren: Dukhtaran

‘Unity is our biggest strength’

SRINAGAR: Dukhataran-e-Millat (DeM) on Sunday said it has been the “ploy” of India and its agencies to divide Kashmiris and continue its occupation here. It said the numbers don’t matter and that unity “is our biggest strength”.
“We must understand that it is only a Kashmiri who is dying on daily basis. If any Kashmiri is working with Indian agencies and is informing them about the presence of our mujahideen, (that person) is equally responsible for killing his own brethren,” DeM secretary general Nahida Nasreen said in a statement.
She expressed concern over how accurate is the information provided about the presence of militants (to forces). “These informers, who are working with Indian agencies or associated with any pro-India group, must remember that they will have to face the wrath of Allah (SWT) in this world and the hereafter. Their life will be miserable and the death will be dreadful,” she said. “So it is our duty to identify and isolate these black-sheep in our society who keep a constant vigil on the movement of the mujahideen and later on, inform the occupational forces.”
“Such people are like Abu Jahal and Abu Lahab and in the hereafter will rise with the same category of cursed people,” she added.
Nasreen said it was because of the presence of militants that the dignity of Kashmiri people especially women is safe. “We have incidents like Kunan-Poshpora, Aasiya-Neelofar and Tabinda Gani in mind and we can judge by those incidents that how beastly these forces can be. We must remember that it is because of the fear of our mujahideen, these forces are staying away from Kashmiri women,” she said.
The DeM secretary general said the National Conference (NC) is trying hard to gain the sympathy of people once again. “Using an issue, both Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah are playing with the emotions of people and want to gain the lost sympathy back. They talk as if they are well wishers of Kashmiris. Mehbooba, when she was out of power, used to enact a similar drama,” she said.
“We must always remember that these puppets can never be well wishers of people. Their only aim is to grab power and to fulfill their vested interests. So people must not fall in their deceptive trap.”
“Only unity among the ranks of people, political and armed groups can help Kashmiris gain freedom from Indian occupation,” Nasreen said.



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  1. Santanu Chatterjee   August 14, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    According to these people it seems their God has now taken the citizenship of Pakistan. Biggest enemy of Muslim is such person who brainwashed ignorant people in the name of God to achieve their political and economic agenda. It should be noted now a days most Muslims are killed in the hand of other Muslim in the name of religion and politics. Muslims are citizen of multiple countries like any other religion and they are very naturally loyal to their own country. Do not mix religion with politics. If anyone who face wrath of God are these people who motivate their own people to die and lead a life of comfort for themselves.