HC asks govt to stop harassing militants’ families

HC asks govt to stop harassing militants’ families
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SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir High court on Saturday directed the government not to cause unnecessary harassment to the families of militants.
Justice Mohammad Yaqoob Mir passed directions to the Jammu and Kashmir Government that unnecessary harassment to militant families be stopped and advised the government that it was bound to protect them.
The court was hearing petitions filed by the families of two militants of Kakapora in south Kashmir Pulwama district through their counsel, Mir Shafkat Hussain. The petitions stated that the families were harassed unnecessarily by government agencies on regular basis.
One of the petition, was filed by the family of late Arif Nabi Dar, alias Arif Lelhari, who was killed along with LET Commander Abu Dujana on August 1 at Harikpora Pulwama, stated that without any justifiable cause, “we are being harassed on daily accounts, frequent search operations and barging into our home has become a daily routine for the Army and SOG”.
The court directed state police and other law enforcement agencies not to cause any type of harassment to the family from now on, taking note that their kin was dead.
As per police record Arif joined militant ranks on 25 August 2015 and had relatively remained active in his native area before being killed.
The other petition filed by Mohammad Ayoub Lone’s family, a militant of Kakapora Pulwama, stated that nocturnal raids and harassment to women folk is being carried out by Indian Army and SOG personnel as a routine and physical torture was being inflicted on the male members of the family. The petition further states that the situation had been brought to the notice of police several times but they had not chosen to act.
Mohammad Ayoub Lone, who went missing few months back, joined militant ranks and is an active militant. Lone was recently trapped during an operation by the government forces, but managed to flee from the place.
Mir Shafkat Hussain pleaded that it unconstitutional and at the same time unlawful that Army barges into homes of the families of militants. He further stated that terrorizing and harassing the families of militants won’t suffice any cause but it will create more alienation and isolation in the minds of people.
“It is very evident on ground that by these tactics more and more people are getting involved in militancy,” he said.
“If one member of the family is involved in militancy related activities that doesn’t mean we will start punishing the whole family for it.”
However, in its reply, the Jammu and Kashmir Government has stated that it is only when the inputs are received that government agencies swing into action.

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