An Ode to a Sister

An Ode to a Sister

By Malik Aamir

We all knew that this day would come eventually, but I guess that now that it is actually happening, it doesn’t seem real. There comes a time when it seems impossible to believe that your beloved sister is departing ,but one is helpless to stop this phenomenon at the time when your sisters gets married. On the one hand you are excited and very much happy to see your sister getting married , but on the other hand you wonder to face her departure, but one cannot stop this from happening.
A sister is one the great blessings of Almighty Allah. As a younger brother I feel very much happy about my elder sister who is getting married this month, but at the same time it seems very hard for me to accept her departure. However, this has to happen any how; I cannot stop her! I thought about how difficult it is to write this, not because I am sad, but because I have not really accepted in my mind around you leaving. It is strange because you’re leaving in a few days as I write this, but I simply don’t feel the distance settling in.
You’re the big sister. You’re always there for me. You’re a nurse and you literally took care of me since the past 19 years. I know that I am the youngest, but I feel like I watched you grow up too. You were the one who, at a young age, took on a lot of responsibility. You were the one who we all turned to when we faced a problem and you didn’t let us down, either. You came out of your situation as a new woman and you changed our world. I never thought that I’d see you as happy as you are now. I am so proud of you because you deserve this happiness. Allah knows that you have earned it.
So, you are ready to leave us and head out to the next journey of your life. I know that you’ll be amazing. I know that you are nervous and that maybe it will take a while to adjust to this whole new life, but you are capable of doing it all. You are one of the bravest, smartest, and kindest people who I know and I am truly blessed to have you as my sister.
I will tell you once more how it has not sunk in that you are leaving and I am not certain what will happen when you walk out , but I know two things for sure. One, I am definitely going to cry and I am going to miss you by day in and out. I just also want to say I love you and will miss you so very, very and very much. And did I say that I will be very lonely? This house will be emptier without you. Dear sister, we cannot hold the time from running. Having a sister like you is a blessing. Your farewell is the most painful moment for me; your happiness is all what I want to see.
I still cannot believe this is happening, that I might lose you. I just want to say everything I want to say in case it is too late. Every day, I feel like I have so much I want to tell you and yet I feel like I have nothing to say, that I have said it all. I know time is running short, and I want to say everything, and everything. We always had the best time together. We have spent the most of our lives doing everything together. You are in my childhood memories. You are part of my growing up and you are part of my life. Until recently, I firmly believe you will also be part of my future. You are still here but I miss you already. I will be very lonely when you are gone. I just want to say that I have loved you with all my heart and I promise to keep in touch with you till I breathe my last.
As a brother I have always been there. You are an angel in disguise, sent to me by the Almighty Allah. You are a dearest sister to me whom I love so much. On your farewell, promise me a thing that you will always stay in touch. I will badly miss our moments of joy, love and laughter; I wish we could have always stayed together. Miss you dear sister. Congratulations!

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