Stay united to fail evil Indian designs: DeM to militants

Stay united to fail evil Indian designs: DeM to militants
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‘Informers will live a miserable life and dreadful hereafter’

Srinagar: Dukhtaran-e-Millat on Thursday urged militants to “remain united to fail evil Indian designs in Jammu and Kashmir”.
“Unity is our biggest strength. It doesn’t matter that the number of Mujahideen is in hundreds while the Indian terrorist forces are in lakhs but if we stand united, like the Shahbas in Badr, we will defeat the occupational forces with the help of Almighty Allah SWT,” DeM general secretary, Nahida Nasreen, said in a statement issued here.
She said that it had been the “ploy of India and its agencies to divide Kashmiris and continue the illegal rule” here. “We must understand that it is only a Kashmiri who is dying on daily basis. If any Kashmiri is working with the Indian agencies and is informing them about the presence of our Mujahideen is actually equally responsible for killing his own brethren,” she added.
Nasreen said that it was because of the presence of militants that “the dignity of Kashmiri people, especially women, is safe”.
“We have incidents like Kunan-Poshpora, Aasiya-Neelofar and Tabinda Gani in mind and we can judge by those incidents that how beastly these Indian forces can be. We must remember that it is because of the fear of our Mujahideen, these rogue Indian armed forces are staying away from the Kashmiri women,” she said.
She said on Wednesday “three militants and an innocent civilian were brutally murdered by the Indian forces in Tral”. “These coward forces attacked the three Mujahideen (Ishaq Ahmad, Zaahid Ahmad and Mohammad Ashraf) while they were taking a bath and later on pumped thousands pellets into the body of the innocent 16-year-old civilian, Mohammad Younis,” she added.

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