Noxious Agenda(s)

Noxious Agenda(s)

Kashmir is bearing the brunt of multiple assaults –on its nature, character and identity. The latest, coming on top of other attacks, is the one on Article 35 A, which confers, among other things, property rights on the denizens of Kashmir. This is as alarming as can be but other than making noise on the issue the administration’s “reaction” has been tepid. What, the question is, is the raison d’etre or rationale of the attempts to abrogate the article in contention? Abrogation of Article 35 A flows from the very nature of the ruling dispensation in India- the far right, Hindu nationalist party, the BJP and its allied sister organizations , the RSS and the VHP. These forces’ ideological tour de force is Hindutva or political Hinduism which not only subverts the previous “Idea of India” but seeks to replace it with a majoritarian, political Hinduism. Kashmir and assimilating it into the broader Indian Union is central to this. In the erstwhile “ Idea of India”, Kashmir occupied a pivotal place in the Indian political imaginary because the self professed identity of India was that of a secular, diverse polity. In the Hindutva political imaginary, Kashmir is central again but for reasons that pertain to the construct and reification of Hindutva. It was a given that when the BJP attained and occupied the highest pedestals of power in India , that it along with allied organizations would seek to demolish the structures that accorded a special status to Jammu and Kashmir- especially the issue of property rights. Instead of resisting the BJP, an alliance with this party was sought and crystallized by the PDP. This constituted a travesty. The real agenda of the BJP seeking a foot hold in Kashmir was not only glossed over but ignored and an alliance cultivated. Now the “ chicken are coming home to roost”, so to speak. All in all, this is an assault which requires a vigorous response and all attempts should be made to resist this encroachment on Jammu and Kashmir. However, till now, to repeat, the response has been tepid and lukewarm. The nature of the response that is warranted and required has to be broad based and at many levels and front: political , legal and cultural. The far right forces are taking advantage of their power position and attempting to thrust on the people of Kashmir their agendas that can only have deleterious consequences. It is then about time that vigorous attempts be made to resist and roll back these noxious agendas.

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  1. G. Din   August 11, 2017 at 7:30 pm

    Queer English! Political imaginary? What animal is that?


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