Open Letter to the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Muneer Khan

Open Letter to the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Muneer Khan

By Haziq Qayoom

Dear Mr. Khan:
I’m just another young Kashmiri who was humiliated by one of your men stationed at Nagbal, Ganderbal. I’m not going to pick up the gun like Burhan did, neither have I, a desire to inflate my ego, of picking up a pen, to say I didn’t pick up the arms, and choose a way which is rather wise, because in Kashmir, nothing is wise, only the bullets, curfews, killings, pellets, tear gas, encounters and stray bullets among many other tyrannical make sense. I’m writing this to you in a little hope, and with a bit of my demonstration, to know what you mean by you had said about the innocent people who get entangled in this bloody warfare: “Approach me.”
So here I am,
I was travelling to college when a bit of an altercation between a CRPF solider and me happened when he was not letting us go by the side, but making us breathe the dust and smoke his vehicle was making. I signalled him to don’t-break-the-rules, to which he flipped a bird, and hurled abuses while he was driving. Past forward, near the petrol pump Nagbal, my friend and I, stopped the vehicle to get money out of the ATM, the CRPF vehicle that was lagging us stopped, and the driver came running. At first, I thought he dropped off to get money, but he only advanced at me, and asked, what did I mean by gesturing. He snagged me, but I resisted with my words, and the locals soon joined in, to calm the tense situation down. I wasn’t afraid of him, because I was remorseless, because I had not done anything wrong. It seemed to me, he, too, wanted to end up with the squabble that had no meaning but foolishness. But before the storm, there’s always calm, so came our dearest Kashmiri brother, the D.O Nagbal.
He only asked, to the other men around, who is who, and then ran at me like a thug born out of a thief.
“Why do you want to make a trouble here?” He asks.
“I…” He doesn’t let me finish.
“Does the LeT give you the money?” He asks.
“I’m affiliated with any…” again, he doesn’t let me finish with my talks.
“Where are you from?” He asks, bitterly, with red-winey cheeks.
“Bandipora,” This time he does let me finish, but he slaps me, so hard that it could be heard along the 90-Feet road, as tears brims in my eye socket.
“Where’s your evidence that I did anything wrong?”
He again raises to slap me, but this time, his short stature falls short of my face, and I get only half of it.
He desperately reaches for the rod that is with his one of the companions, but thanks to the locals, who stop him by, there.
He then goes on to abuse me “Behenchod!”
I babble something like, “Kyun?”
The locals, only those few men who again consoled this tyrannical man, stand witness to this, and God himself. Had they not calmed him down, I would have just been an another headline for the day, and buried under the thought-out statement of police, and perhaps my body and soul would have remained alive in the Indian media newsrooms as well.
I just have one question for you all, why you have yet not enough of us?
What wrong did we ever do to you?
At the end of the day, I am glad it all happened, otherwise I wouldn’t have been to able to ask my own conscience, and the people who might read this, “Did all the people who died to police bullets and torture in 2016, 2017, 2010, 08, and back in 90s throw stones? How many innocents are in the files with their cases forever closed?”
For God’s sake, will you stop?
Mr Muneer Khan, I haven’t met you or seen you in person, but let me tell you, with full assurance, you are, and have, and will always fail us Kashmiris, until the men like these are in the police, who put the young hearts through humiliation, and push them to the wall.
Thanking You

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4 Responses to "Open Letter to the Inspector General of Police, Mr. Muneer Khan"

  1. Mir shakir   November 5, 2017 at 7:53 pm

    To ,
    I’m pernmanent resident of j&k state.

    That the applicant was working as spo in police department as distic police line Pulwama under belt no 556.
    I’m performing my duties properly as per the guide lines of the officers & sr.official of the department.
    That the applicant came to know that the applicant was disenganged on 08-09-2017 but the order of disenganged was served up on applicant on 18-09-2017, vide order No 15913 dated 08-09-2017 by the concerned ssp Pulwama & the applicant was performing his duties wth honesty & as per the guide lines of the superior officers till the disengangement order i,e 18-09-2017 was served up on the applicant.

    After the disenganged the applicant approached the ssp pulwama for re-engangement and the concerned ssp Pulwama told me u will b re-enganged after the period of two months.
    That till date the applicant was not re-enganged by the concerned ssp with reasons best known to him .
    It is pertinent to mention here that the applicant also approached DIG south so many times but the concerned DiG south was not meet with spo and no one can help me becz i’m comming frm poor family .
    I’m compleate my BCA frm kashmir university sir this job is very important for me .
    So i requested that in view of the above submissions the application may b consider & the applicant be re-enganged as spo in the police department that will be in the interests of justice .

    Yours faith fullly ,
    Mir Shakir
    Distic Pulwama
    Beltno 556/spo
    Cell no : 7298701238

  2. Amit Verma   August 9, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    Any other place in India also, “bit of altercation” with police will get you beaten up. Not to justify but police brutality is not kashmir specific problem.

  3. Jaffer   August 9, 2017 at 11:10 am

    I strongly condemn the act…and I appreciate uh that uh express it like this….this is better way to raise our voice against the institutional atrocities of state….

  4. Arbaaz   August 9, 2017 at 10:57 am

    Dear Kashmiri Muslim fellow,

    I sympathize with you, but I should advise you not to knock at the wrong door! What can this officer do in this case! Believe me, if he were in your place he would have met with the same treatment despite being the police chief or whatever level of officer.
    Do we Kashmiri Muslims really have an iota of doubt in the fact that the entire state administration is at the beck and call of Indian state?