Article 35A ‘unconstitutional’, says BJP

Article 35A ‘unconstitutional’, says BJP
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Jammu: Terming Article 35-A an “unconstitutional provision of law”, BJP spokesperson in Jammu and Kashmir, Arun Kumar Gupta, said that the act was “in operation without being passed in Parliament”.
BJP hit out at the opposition for its stand on Article 35-A and accused former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Farooq Abdullah of “misleading” the people on the issue.
“It is a great paradox that some article is being discussed in public domain without an understanding of its legal position,” he claimed. “Article 35-A is an unconstitutional provision of law and finds no place in Indian Constitution.”
BJP believes that Article 35-A has done a great harm to all the three regions of J&K, he said. “This provision has done a great harm by not allowing anybody from the other parts of India to come and settle here.”
This resulted in “total isolation” and no growth of institutions required to generate employment, revenue, resources and for the overall economy of the state”, he said.
Gupta hit out at the opposition parties, particularly Farooq Abdullah, for raking up the issue to “mislead” the people of J&K. “BJP cannot influence court and NGOs, which are in legal dispensation. We would suggest NC and other parties including Congress file applications in Supreme court, argue there, rather than misleading people of J&K for their own political gains,” he said.
“Any discussion or statement on this amounts to contempt of the highest court of the country where the case is under consideration,” said Gupta.
Referring to all-party meeting to form a united front for protecting Article 35-A, he said that the time had come to expose the “double speak” of the parties.
“On one hand, Congress and NC encouraged Rohiangyas and others to settle illegally in Jammu during their tenure, for reasons known, and on other hand, if for the growth of our institutions, legal migration of intellectuals is required, it is being opposed in the garb of Article 35-A,” said Gupta.
“If the migration of people from other states could destroy the basic culture of J&K, states like Gujarat, Himachal and Punjab would have perished by now,” the BJP leader claimed.


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  1. G. Din   August 10, 2017 at 12:41 am

    Abdullahs consider the state of J&K as their “virasat”. If Maharajas were deprived of their states, how come Abdullahs continue to pose as fake royalty? Even Karan Singh does not stake a claim to the state.


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