Obituary: A Tribute to Professor G. M Shad

Obituary: A Tribute to Professor G. M Shad

By Rao Farman Ali

Birth: 31st December 1938
Death: 6th August 2017

Professor Ghulam Muhammad(G.M) Shad of Bejbehara, Anantnag was born in Srinagar and was truly a genius and a perfect Samaritan, even in his childhood. He could lend his service for social causes, which can be established by the fact that during Muslim massacre of November 1947 in Jammu, as an aftermath, thousands Muslims from Jammu province, mostly old women, old men, teenage girls and boys were brought to Kashmir valley. Here they were lodged in different mosques, where Mohalla people collected essentials for them. Professor G.M Shad , as a teenager himself, volunteered for the relief of Jammu refugees at Bejbehara.
Professor G.M Shad did his BA (Hon) from Jammu and Kashmir University, while as he did his M.A(History) LLB and Diploma in Public Speaking and Parliamentary Practice from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. He later served in various government degree colleges of Jammu and Kashmir in the capacity of professor and was teaching History, occasionally, Urdu, Arabic and sometimes Hindi as well.
Professor Shad was a versatile teacher and a writer with a flair for originality. However, he contributed his original pieces mainly in Kashmiri and Urdu. Besides, he also contributed toward academic religious literature. He also wrote extensively on mysticism and translated the leading Islamic scholars like Shah Hamdan (RA) in the real Islamic spirit. He wrote poetry in Kashmiri, Urdu and Persian.
Jamait a Talaba was first started and supported by Prof. G.M Shad and then taken to three colleges—Government Degree College Anantnag and Government Amar Singh College Srinagar, then by G. M Konga [ Degree College Baramullah], but, it was different in its structure than that of Jamait-e-Islami,
Despite the fact that Professor G.M Shad served in different levels in the government and being in the service as an employee he took certain steps which were anti establishment, which earned him the wrath of the government. As such, he was deliberately pushed to the wall and was never promoted to the higher grades, which he was deserving in comparison to his counterparts . He served the main battery of knowledge and gave ration to the Kashmiri literature as best as he could in his capacity. Professor Shad wrote and developed a Kashmir centric narrative, the cause to which he was engaged, since long time after his retirement from the active services.
As a professor he wrote collections of poetry and transliterated the famous Saint of Kashmir Sheikh Noor ud-din Wali ( RA) which is one of his great contributions to the field of Kashmir studies as a tribute to the revered saint of Kashmir.
As a member of several international associations like Iranian Cultural Forum he still kept his voice alive and he was a well travelled person who visited almost dozens of countries.

Prof. G.M Shad’s writings include;
Tanveeri Faharan 1958
The collection of Abdul Ahad Nazim Published by Jammu and Kashmir Academy of Art Culture and Languages
Taswef Ak Taruf Published by Kashmiri Department University of Kashmir
Khasayful Anwar, The poetic Translation of Chal Asrar of Shah Hamadan (RA) 1987
Shul te Shalat Collection of Ghasals.1989
Shabe Ahang Persian collection 1989
Kharne Fur Nazim Te Ghazal 1991
Works under Print
Collection of Lassam Shah
Collection of Rusal Mir Shahabadi
Collection of Maqbool
Personalities of Bejbehara


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