JKCC says its leaders put under house arrest

JKCC says its leaders put under house arrest
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SRINAGAR: The state government has put under house arrest two influential business leaders who are trying to thwart the implementation of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in Jammu and Kashmir.
A press handout issued by the Jammu Kashmir Coordination Committee (JKCC), an organisation of civil society members and trade bodies, said that business leaders Dr Mubeen Shah and Yaseen Khan have been kept under house arrest to prevent them from organising any protest programme against the GST.
The JKCC called for a one-hour sit-in protest on Tuesday at the Lal Chowk.
“It is unfortunate that the business community and civil society is being subjected to humiliation and vendetta,” the JKCC statement said. “The house arrest of these leaders has been undertaken because of the one-hour silent sit-in programme called on Tuesday.”
Yaseen Khan is the president of the Kashmir Traders Manufacturers Federation, one of the largest body of traders in the state, and Mubeen is former president of the Kashmir Chamber of Commerce.
The JKCC said that the state was planning further action against some of its leaders in order to malign their image and create confusion. The JKCC said this move will be resisted with strength and they will yield nothing but futility.
Last week, the JKCC threatened civil disobedience if the state did not roll back the GST.



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  1. jameel   August 7, 2017 at 8:19 am

    Last week Jammu Kashmir Coordination Committee (JKCC) claimed that they will start agitation against Indian GST and other acts and changing of demography of Kashmir —However nothing it seems JKCC is a statement forum and they will do them selves nothing, not ready for any sacrifice but all should be done by Hurriyet camp and youth–What a futile forum


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