Journalists ‘detained’ at Haj house

Journalists ‘detained’ at Haj house
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Srinagar: A group of journalists was held hostage at state Haj house on Thursday when the security personnel close exit gates and disallowed them to leave the place without undergoing frisking. The journalists had arrived to cover a press conference on the culmination of departure of Haj pilgrims.
The exit gates were closed after Rs 3 lakh cash was reported missing from the premises.
“We won’t allow you to go unless your belonging will be checked,” the security guards said.
“We have orders not to allow anyone including press reporters as ten pouches carrying currency worth Rs 3 lakh were missing from the hajj house,” a security official said.
Worse, the journalists were not even allowed to leave the place despite their belongings were thoroughly checked. This triggered resentment among the scribes.


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