Faulty Child Education in Kashmir is a Cause of Stress among Children

Faulty Child Education in Kashmir is a Cause of Stress among Children
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By Tajamul Islam Salroo

Recently, after reading a news story in a leading daily about mental health worsening of children due to frequent exams in private schools of our valley I am compelled to write my view point with respect to the issue.
Undoubtedly, but dismayingly the existing system of the education in almost all the schools of our valley gives emphasis on rote learning. This kind of learning makes our children do well in quantitative subjects but unfortunately our children cannot be seen well in intelligence that encompasses knowledge, independent thinking, self confidence, social skills, time management, cognitive skills etc.
On comparing our education system with those of the two developed countries we get the following analysis:
In America, more emphasis is given on the language, character development and broad exposure to different subject areas to create a more rounded individual.
In Britain, critical analysis is key to the system of teaching. Here, all the division soft skills and specific subject knowledge are given due importance for the overall development of the child.
In India or In Kashmir, our way is to teach all the subjects deeply while less importance is given to the child’s language, creative skills, social skills, critical thinking, broader exposure, character development and debating. It is, hence, that we see our children under developed or weak in language, thinking and exposure. And why not? When they are made to write 5 exams in eight months it is certainly going to take a toll on their mental health. Our education system immediately needs an overhaul in all its segments of education, evaluation and assessment to make it simulating. The child education rather than being stressful (that it is of now) needs to focus on overall personality development apart from the subject-defined one. The need of the hour is to help children rather than intimidating them by our forceful teaching orders and over-burdening them with a lot of home-work.
Let’s transform our education system to a play way form for the real development of our kids. Let’s not make studying a burden for them; let us make it a way of conduct. Let’s put minimum possible load on the soft shoulders. Let’s give them a space to know and learn with their own skills.

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