PSAK condemns army raid on Hussaini School

PSAK condemns army raid on Hussaini School
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Asks govt to direct police and army not to enter any school premises

Srinagar: Private Schools Association of Kashmir (PSAK) has strongly condemned the “unwarranted raid” on Hussaini Public Higher Secondary School at HMT and harassment of its students and staff.
A statement issued by the association said that a team led by chairman G N Var visited the school and interacted with the school administration and students in the presence of police and civil officials.
“Every official be it from police or administration agreed that the entire raid was unprovoked and unwarranted. There was no stone pelting or any law and order situation but still the school had to suffer at the hands of army personnel,” said Var. “The raid shocked the staff and children for whom school is safest place on earth outside their homes.”
The statement added that the head of the army unit that raided the school could only be contacted on phone “wherein he expressed his regret”. The association however said that the apology was “far from a sincere effort to take the blame, identify the culprits and punish the erring personnel”.
“The words like ‘it should not have happened’ fail to instill confidence among student and staff community. Far from a sincere apology it borders the arrogance that often comes with power,” said Var. “Today the situation was controlled but who knows what will happen next. We fail to find any deterrence even in apology that could avoid any future occurrences.”
Besides demanding an unconditional public apology from the said army unit, the association demanded an assurance from government that no security personnel enters any school premises in the future.
“No police, army or other para-military force should raid any school unless there is some extreme situation or it is extremely necessary. Even in such case proper SOP should be followed like inclusion of education officials, civil administration, school administration and respected locals in the visiting team,” said Var. “In case there is more such incidents of unwarranted raids, the repercussions will be responsibility of the government.”
The association said that a section of army is “hell bent on disturbing peace in Kashmir by provoking children and youth with such actions”.
The association appealed the government to rein in “such forces” to prevent possible deterioration of law and order in future.


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