Education Business: Why do students have to pay through their nose?

Education Business: Why do students have to pay through their nose?

Umer Manzoor

On the one hand, the government is making tall claims for the betterment of educational system in Jammu and Kashmir but , on the other hand, we see the egregious face of educational institutes during various academic examinations and admissions.
We often discuss about various political issues but at the same time we forget about our so called Nation builders and their problems.
It is not any single educational institution of the government but almost all educational institutions of the state make a hike in admission and examination fee year after year. Even if any student fails in one of his subjects, he has to deposit thousands of rupees for reappearing in the examination. Last year, one of my friends told me that he had got a backlog in one of his subjects in 2nd year, which he was pursuing from Kashmir University and he was subjected to pay almost 1400 rupees for reappearing in the next exam.There are other numerous cases where I found that examination fee for regular candidates as well as backlog candidates is exorbitant.
Meanwhile, recently the examination forms for B Ed , Ist semester caught my attention. As per the Kashmir university, a student is subjected to pay almost 4000 rupees for appearing in the said exam and yes, the mentioned course is a distance based course. There are hundreds of other examples in our state where these types of fee structures are rife by government institutions.
The question, why this exorbitant fee being collected from the students always haunts my mind. How much a question booklet and an answer script may cost? Does it cost 1400 rupees for one subject including other charges? Obviously, the answer is a big no.
We always wish that education should be given and used for the betterment of society, humanity and nation, but at the same time, we fail to take steps for constructing platforms of real education. It is nobody but so called our educational institutions which indirectly implement the concept of money in the pure minds of our students; they do so by always running after money in the various forms coming from our students.A student always feels poor and down at the time of admission and exams not because he has weak preparation but because he has a weak pocket.
Especially, middle class and lower class students always suffer by the hard fee structures provided by government institutions.These events seriously kick them inside and no doubt they get the concept of money in a very bad way. Here, their future plans revolve around the money, they start to think about the ways where from they will get the money in the future?
They therefore fail to taste the real taste of education from these institutions and make their education a tool to make money. Then our so called scholars, leaders, intellectuals blame the mentality and vision of these students which basically is their own fault. Nowadays we see the highest literacy rates in our communities but still humanity, purity, ethics etc are missing because we ourselves have murdered them by various reasons of which I mentioned the one.
So with respect I utter to ask the government that “Are these your plans to incline the status of education in our state”
I really feel bad when I see the fee structures of other institutions of India like IGNOU where a very little amount is required to sit in an exam for the same distance mode courses for which our Kashmir university demands a very high amount. Government should think about students who left their education for these reasons. There should be the direct intervention of government in order to reduce the cupidity of educational Institutions.
“Let us make our educational institutions The Mosques of purity, where everyone will learn the morals, ethics and purity so that one might use his/her education for the betterment of humanity”

—The author is a Postgraduate in chemistry and can be reached at:

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