Shah subjected to physical, mental torture in Delhi: DFP

Shah subjected to physical, mental torture in Delhi: DFP
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SRINAGAR: Senior resistance leader and chairman of Democratic Freedom Shabir Ahmad Shah, who is undergoing detention in New Delhi after the Enforcement Directorate arrested him from Srinagar, is being subjected to physical and mental torture, Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) alleged on Sunday.
Addressing a presser here, DFP secretary general Moulana Abdullah Tari, said the motive behind the arrest of pro-freedom leadership and implicating them in “fabricated” cases through “biased and unethical” Indian media is nothing but to discredit and malign their image and to sow seeds of distrust and discord between people and the resistance leadership. “Such acts are also aimed at keeping people away from the freedom movement,” he said.
“Though India through its military might is already hell bent on suppressing our freedom movement, now it is harassing the resistance leadership by accusing it of receiving funds from foreign countries to ‘spread terror’ in J&K thereby giving an impression that the freedom movement of Jammu Kashmir is not indigenous but one surviving on foreign funds,” Tari said.
“We believe there was ample scope of probing the allegations against resistance leadership under the ambit of Constitution of Jammu Kashmir but it is extremely unfortunate that those beating the drums of ‘battle of ideas’ and the so-called Self Rule surrendered completely before their masters in Delhi and handed over the resistance leadership to Indian agencies to do whatever they like. The reality is that this all is the handiwork of these puppets of New Delhi,” he added.
“Shah has been kept in a room where there are not even basic facilities including a fan. It is now obvious that Indian authorities want to kill Shah under a conspiracy,” the DFP secretary general said.
He added that Shah’s family approached Delhi court to get in contact with him but was declined meeting and told that Shah is currently under judicial remand. “Later Shah’s wife was allowed to meet him only for few minutes after a day’s wait.”


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