Arresting Malik has become routine for authorities: JKLF

Arresting Malik has become routine for authorities: JKLF
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SRINAGAR: “The so-called rulers by prolonging the imprisonment of JKLF ailing chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik are actually playing with his life,” said party’s zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal in a statement on Sunday.
He said on one hand, authorities talk of democracy and on other, they have started an unprecedented arrest spree and banned press conferences of resistance leaders.
Condemning the prolonged imprisonment of Malik, Kalwal said it has become a routine for authorities to arrest JKLF chief and put him in jail particularly since last year. “Out of last 360 days, JKLF chairman has been kept in jail or police custody for more than 200 days and was arrested more than 25 times during this period.”
He said repeated arrests and prolonged incarcerations have caused serious health problems to Malik and recent health checkups have confirmed that he has serious heart and kidney problems.



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