Only self-determination is solution to Kashmir dispute: Er Rasheed

Only self-determination is solution to Kashmir dispute: Er Rasheed
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‘Taking oath under Indian constitution doesn’t mean one should become Delhi’s yes man’

SRINAGAR: Reiterating that right to self-determination is the only solution to Kashmir dispute, the Awami Itihad Party (AIP) president and MLA Langate Er Rasheed has said New Delhi’s history of broken promises is creating Burhan Wanis, Afzal Gurus and likeminded people in J&K.
Speaking at a two day conference in New Delhi, Rasheed said militants, stone pelters and protestors are not criminals. He lashed out at New Delhi for “misleading” the people of India.
“It is for New Delhi to introspect and answer if Kashmiris could raise Pakistani and Chinese flags, why couldn’t New Delhi manage even five people who would hoist tri-colour in Kashmir. The bitter reality is that not only the mainstream politicians but every institution that has some connection with New Delhi has lost its credibility,” he said.
The AIP president said Delhi is controlling Kashmir only at “the barrel of gun”. He said discussing Kashmir issue carried no significance as everybody is aware of the fact as to what the J&K dispute is about.
“Crying radicalisation, humiliating Huriyat leaders and targeting various organisations will fetch New Delhi nothing (but) increasing anger against India. Let nobody forget that the resistance movement is not because of pro-resistance leadership but huge majority of Kashmiris want right to self determination.”
Rasheed said those talking about the view point of people of Jammu & Ladakh should realise that plebiscite gives every individual, group, community or region equal right to express views about future of the state. “Autonomy and other slogans are outdated and Kashmiris have not offered huge sacrifices for a solution within Indian constitution but for right to self determination,” he said. “If India wants to become permanent member of United Nations then it must show magnanimity to own the UN resolution.”
Rasheed slammed New Delhi for “killing, blinding, humiliating, terrorising and jailing Kashmiris in the name of so-called nationalism”. “If talking about resolution of Kashmir dispute means being anti-national, Pakistani agent or something else, we all Kashmiris feel proud in owing these allegations. Taking oath under Indian constitution doesn’t mean that one should lie, mislead, misrepresent or become a yes man of New Delhi. J&K is neither India’s integral part nor Pakistan’s jugular vein. Let all the national parties keep J&K dispute above politics and understand that J&K issue has nothing to do with India’s sovereignty.”
Rasheed rejected chief minister Mehbooba Mufti’s remarks she made in her speech in the conference that New Delhi should give its own solution for the resolution of dispute. “Mehbooba Mufti, Omar Abdullah or anyone else has no moral or legal right to talk about any such solution that would dilute the disputed nature of J&K,” he said.



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