Kashmir struggle has no global agenda, say UJC, LeT

Kashmir struggle has no global agenda, say UJC, LeT
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Militant groups decry ‘India’s efforts at inventing Valley’ links to ISIS and Al Qaeda

Srinagar: Fiercely stating that militant groups fighting in Kashmir “had no global agenda”, the United Jehad Council (UJC) and the Lashkar-e- Toiba (LeT) blamed the Indian government for working hard to sow confusion by delegitimising the “Kashmir movement” and associating it with global terror groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda.
The fiery responses from the militant outfits were issued soon after the media reported that an Al Qaeda-linked cell named “Ansar Ghuzwat-Ul-Hind had made Zakir Musa, the erstwhile commander of the Hizbul Mujahideen outfit, its head.
In a video issued to the media, the supreme commander of the UJC – a grouping of Kashmir militant outfits – Syed Salahuddin said that the “freedom struggle of Kashmir has no global agenda”, while ruling out any role for ISIS and Al Qaeda in Kashmir.
“Freedom movement of Jammu and Kashmir is indigenous, and it has no global agenda,” the UJC chief said. “There is no space for Daesh, Al Qaeda or others in Kashmir, nor is there any need (for their operations).”
In a veiled reference to Zakir, who separated from the Hizb, he said that some of “our friends play in the hands of our enemy and are harming the unity of the nation and its leadership”.
“We want to make it clear to them that such steps won’t help them,” Salahudin said.
“The Kashmir struggle is aimed at freedom from the Indian occupation, with Islam and unity as its motivating factors,” he added.
Taking the debate further on “Shariat aur Shahadat” (Islamic rule or martyrdom) floated by the estranged Hizb commander, Zakir, the UJC chief said, “The freedom-loving people of Kashmir are being misguided, and confusion is being created among their ranks. It is equal to helping the aim of the enemy.”
He claimed that the UJC had confirmed reports that the Indian state is using “Daesh-like organisations for causing bloodshed in Kashmir, as was done in the case of Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Afghanistan”.
“Such organisations can be propped up to be used as proxies to counter the rebel leadership of Kashmir,” Salahudin added.
He said groups such as Al Qaeda and Daesh have spilled the blood of innocent Muslims.
“I appeal especially to the youth of Kashmir to be aware of the new tricks of the Indian state,” Salahudin said in reference to the emergence of global terror outfits in Kashmir.
“People should support all those organisations that are fighting the Indian army in Kashmir. We have not to become part of any global agenda,” he added.
Similarly, in a press statement, LeT chief Mahmood Shah blamed “India” for labelling the “legitimate freedom struggle of Kashmir as terrorism by implying terror groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS into the Valley”.
“Ajit Doval’s (India’s National Security Advisor) doctrine is up to this conspiracy,” he added.
The LeT Chief claimed that the Indian state was rattled ever since locals and Hurriyat leaders forged unity amongst themselves.
“India is trying to collapse this alliance, but, by Allah SWT, we will not let it happen at any cost,” he said.
“We would like to inform the masses that the Mujahideen groups, with their mutual understanding and unity, are fighting against Indian forces. On the other hand, groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS are being brought up to label the legitimate freedom struggle as terrorism,” Shah said.
“Al Qaeda and ISIS thrive on Takfeeri. All they have done has greatly affected Muslims and brought injustice, brutality and oppression upon them. This fitna is way more dangerous than that of India’s,” he stated.
According to the report, published in The Guardian, the creation of the new group was revealed in a statement released on Thursday by the “Global Islamic Media Front”, an Al Qaeda-affiliated information network.


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