‘Al-Qaida-linked cell’ announces Zakir Musa its head

‘Al-Qaida-linked cell’ announces Zakir Musa its head
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Srinagar: “An al-Qaida-affiliated propaganda channel” has announced popular militant commander, Zakir Musa as the head of a newly created cell in Kashmir, The Guardian reported on Thursday.
Zakir, 23, is the leading figure among a new generation of militants who have exploited social media.
According to the report published in The Guradian, Zakir has been announced as the head of the new cell, named “Ansar Ghuzwat-Ul-Hind”.
As per the report the creation of the new group was revealed in a statement released on Thursday by “Global Islamic Media Front”, an al-Qaida-affiliated information network.
Zakir declaring in April that Kashmiris should not “fall for nationalism,” the traditional goal of the pro-freedom movement.
Kashmir’s pro-freedom leadership has already distanced themselves from the ideology of Zakir.

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  1. SKChadha   July 27, 2017 at 6:52 pm

    My humble advise to Al Qaida linked cell – In place of Zakir Musa, please select urgently the new Head (with or without a tail), as his days are numbered … 😀


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