‘Tehsildar ordered incarceration on police’s advice’

‘Tehsildar ordered incarceration on police’s advice’

Malik to remain in jail till Aug 5: JKLF

Srinagar: JKLF chairman, Mohammad Yasin Malik, and others leaders are likely to remain in Srinagar’s central jail till 5th of August as police “in nexus with Tehsildar south” remands them afresh, a statement issued by the front said here.
JKLF chairman has alleged that the civil administration was working on the orders of police and asked the administration not to “malign and disgrace institution of justice” by acting at the behest of police and forces.
“They should shun their robes of civility and wear police uniforms,” Malik said in the statement from Srinagar’s central jail. He said that on 21st July, he along with two others were arrested from Dalgate Srinagar and without presenting them before any court were sent to Srinagar central jail.
“At the jail gate, authorities handed over the orders of Tehsildar south Srinagar, Sanam Mansoor Sahiba, to us, who without seeking our presence in her court had ordered to keep us in jail till 25th July 2017. In her orders Tehsildar Sahiba untruthfully wrote that no one furnished our bail and that we also did not furnish personal bail bond that was required for our release and hence had to be sent to jail,” he said.
JKLF chairman said that on Monday at central jail Srinagar, the front leaders were again handed over a new order from the same Tehsildar Sahiba in which she disgustingly has ordered to keep us in Jail till 05th of August, “just because police wants her to do the same”. He said that both orders of the Tehsildar are a proof that officers in civil administration are working according to the will, wishes and orders of police officers and hence are hand in glow with them.



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