Sikh-Muslim brotherhood: Tral sets example of communal harmony

Sikh-Muslim brotherhood: Tral sets example of communal harmony
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TRAL: Standing the test of times in communal harmony, the residents of Nagbal and Ratsuna villages of Tral in south Kashmir set an example that would go a long way in showcasing religious tolerance and harmony in the embattled region.
Two villages in Tral sub-division set the stage to exhibit the harmony and the players were residents of two communities– Sikhs and Muslims. Muslims in Nagabal village were crying for help and the help did not reach from the Army, SDRF or NDRF but of local Sikhs who evacuated the residents.
The Sikhs not only helped the locals to reach safe places but also helped them in saving the holy scriptures.
At Ratsuna village, the situation was different. An elderly Sikh was crossing a stream when suddenly water level in the stream increased due to heavy rainfall in the upper reaches. The elderly man dentified as Janak Singh, a resident of Saimoh got stranded in the midst of the stream and left his hope for survival.
As Sikhs from Kangloora village reached Nagbal they did not care about the gushing waters. They crossed them and continued the rescue operation till everything and everybody was safe.
In Ratsuna, Janak Singh was fearing for gushing waters to toss him to death when two boys from the village Mehrajudin Bhat and Zahoor Ahmad Bhat went into the gushing waters, fought the speed, conquered them only to bring hope and life on Janak Singh’s face.
“I am an orphan and I jumped into the stream only to save a father-like figure,” a much excited Mehrajudin said, adding that he stood apart from the crowd that was just making hue and cry and doing nothing practically.
While Mehraj jumped to save Janak Singh, young Gurmeet Singh of Kangloora too jumped to save Muslims who were stranded either in their houses or in the midst of gushing waters. Gurmeet evacuated many people and did not stop here.
“Somebody pointed out that waters were entering local mosque. I along with other members of my community fought the gushing waters and removed all the holy scriptures from the mosque,” said Gurmeet Singh. He received injuries while fighting the forceful water waves.
Gurmeet deserves praise and the way he and his other fellow Sikhs rescued people was exemplary during cloud burst hit Nagbal village some days before.
“Since the arrival of my community in Kashmir, the two communities in Tral have lived so harmoniously that even now many Sikh villages in this remote area are found undeterred, committed and ready for doing things that can save humans and humanity,” Gurmeet added.

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