UN is fourth party to Kashmir dispute, says Hurriyat

UN is fourth party to Kashmir dispute, says Hurriyat
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SRINAGAR: Huriyat Conference on Sunday said if UN or other country will not mediate, there is every apprehension that situation in Kashmir may go from bad to worse and turns like that of Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan.
Hurriyat’s statement came in backdrop of chief minister Mehbooba Mufti’s remarks wherein she said there is no place for third party mediation on Kashmir and that if US intervenes, Kashmir will become another Syria and Afghanistan.
In a statement issued here, Hurriyat said Kashmir is neither a bilateral issue nor a border conflict between Pakistan and India. It reiterated its stance that besides India, Pakistan, and the people of J&K, the UN constitutes as fourth party to the Kashmir dispute.
“There is every apprehension that situation (in Kashmir) may go from bad to worse and turns like that of Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan if the mediation of UN body or any third country is not solicited or accepted,” Hurriyat said.
It said both India and Pakistan have failed to solve Kashmir problem bilaterally and that no tangible progress has been observed through agreements like Shimla and Lahore Declaration.
Hurriyat said the situation between India and Pakistan remains unaffected and despite 150 rounds of negotiations between the two countries, there is no letup in bloodshed in Jammu Kashmir.
It said the situation in Syria, Afghanisatn, and Iraq are quite different from that of Kashmir dispute which is a long pending issue on the agenda of UN and its international status is a recognised fact.
“India is a signatory to the instrument agreed upon by Pakistan and international community and has promised to ascertain the aspirations of people in J&K through right to self-determination. The present state of chaos and continuous bloodshed is the outcome of noncompliance of these agreements,” it said.
Hurriyat said Mehbooba Mufti need not raise objections nor should Indian authorities deny facts. “The international community has always lauded and appreciated (the) intervention of third parties in the resolution of all conflicts.”
“The Kashmir issue was raised in UNO by India; hence (it) admitted the importance of status of a mediator. (Further) delay in its resolution will give rise to more complex situations,” it said.

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