Police replacing sophisticated AK-47s with cumbersome SLRs

Police replacing sophisticated AK-47s with cumbersome SLRs

Move to discourage militants from snatching weapons from cops

Srinagar: Concerned over the incidents of weapon snatching, the Jammu and Kashmir Police had started rolling back Ak-47 rifles carried by its personal deployed for the security of protected persons and installations.
Police sources said that the decision was taken after militants were found to mainly target policemen, serving in the security of protected persons, for their AK-47 rifles.
“Militants love AK-47 rifle,” a police official, whose job includes distribution of weapons to police personnel, told Kashmir reader. “At many places, we found that militants were resorting to weapon snatching to get AK 47 rifles even if they have also fled with some SLRs (Self Loading Rifles) and INSAS rifles.”
Since SLRs and INSAS rifles are longer, heavier and cumbersome to carry compared to AK-47s, the official said that the latter has so far been the weapon of choice for militants.
“Militants like AK-47 rifle since it is the most successful small arm ever made,” another police official said. “It has the capacity to fire 30 bullets in a single burst of fire. You just need to press the trigger. It can also shoot single fires. So it is both a machine gun and a simple gun. It is small and can be easily hidden and carried by the militants. The best thing about this gun is that it does not need cleaning. Even if you fire hundreds of rounds, its barrel does not need cleaning of the residue metal from bullet fire.”
Besides, the official said the metal used in an AK-47 rifle can withstand any climatic condition. “You put it in water or keep it in the sun, it will not rust. It is the best gun developed ever,” the official added.
“SLR and Insas are bigger. They are not as sophisticated (as AK-47s). That is why AK-47 is in demand in the security circles too.”
Inspector General of Security, Jammu and Kashmir, Alok Kumar refused to talk on the issue. According to the government, 96 rifles including SLR’s, AK -47 rifles, Insas rifles and six pistols were snatched by the militants from policemen deployed for security purposes at different sensitive installations and protected persons. They also took away 64 magazines and 1,000 rounds of bullets till the end of 2016. Police claims that since there was shortage of guns, the militants were resorting to looting and snatching of weapons from policemen.
Apart from protecting sensitive installations, police provide security to 1890 persons. The J&K government spends around 105 crore rupees annually to maintain the security of these protected persons.

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