Govt forces vandalise property in Kulgam village

Govt forces vandalise property in Kulgam village
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Kulgam: Residents of Nillow area in south Kashmir allege that government forces vandalised their property during the night following Saturday. The vandalising, residents said, was in “retribution” after a “stray stone hit their vehicle earlier in the day”.
According to the residents of Wudura village in the area, forces vehicles were passing their village at about 5 PM in the evening, when somebody threw a stone at the forces’ vehicle.
“It was probably a village kid who threw a single stone at their vehicle,” the villagers said. “They left without saying anything but returned at night to take revenge.”
Villagers alleged that the forces barged into homes at the village at 10:00 PM and vandalized property.
“They smashed everything that came their way. Bikes, cars and load carriers were smashed by the army-men,” a villager alleged, adding “The actions were a retribution.”
Villagers said that the forces broke doors and windows and smashed refrigerators, TVs and other household goods. The villagers were left terrified by the forces action.
A senior police official in Kulgam said that a stone was thrown at an army vehicle in the area. “We have no inputs if anything happened after that or not,” the official said, requesting anonymity. He said that no complaint had been filed by any villager so far.
Army spokesperson, Col R K Pandey, told Kashmir Reader that the allegations were baseless. “This is the last thing army would be doing in today’s time. No such thing has happened in the area,” he said.


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