CM’s US, China remark: Mehbooba acting like mouth piece of New Delhi, says Er Rasheed

CM’s US, China remark: Mehbooba acting like mouth piece of New Delhi, says Er Rasheed
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‘If US has no role in Kashmir, why Delhi celebrates Salahuddin being declared a terrorist’

SRINAGAR: Slamming chief minister Mehbooba Mufti for her remarks that US and China have no role in J&K, the AIP president and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Sunday said why New Delhi celebrates (the Hizb chief) Syed Salahuddin being declared a terrorist by US and prime minister Narendra Modi “begging” before US to “ask Pakistan stop interfering in J&K”.

Mehbooba, as per reports, asked US and China to “mind their own business” and that US interference in J&K will turn it into Syria and Afghanistan.

“Either Mehbooba Mufti is ill informed or has to speak every single word what her masters ask her to speak,” Rasheed said in a statement issued here.

He said Mehbooba should know that China and America are already playing their role over Kashmir dispute since long. “If Americans don’t have a role, why is PM Modi begging before America to ask Pakistan stop interfering in J&K and why (does) New Delhi celebrate Salahuddin being declared a terrorist by US,” he said.

The Awami Itihad Party president said while China has also “occupied” some portion of J&K, the country is already in partnership with Pakistan to construct the CPEC passing through the disputed territory. “It is Chinese who have been backing Masood Azhar at international forums. As such down playing the role of international powers like America and China means nothing but stabbing Kashmiris,” he said.

The MLA Langate termed it “disgracing” that New Delhi after engaging the pro-resistance leadership in talks is “now keen bent to defame them and labels every Hurriyat leader as a Pakistani spy and a terrorist”.

Rasheed accused Mufti of “misleading everyone and acting like mouth piece of New Delhi”. “Had Mehbooba Mufti been well-wisher of Kashmiris, she should have forced Narendra Modi to agree to (the) right to self determination as there is no other workable formula which could fulfill the basic standards of justice. It is stupid and irresponsible on her behalf to claim that J&K will become Syria or Afghanistan if Americans or Chinese intervene,” he said.

The AIP president said the status-quo suits not only New Delhi but few Kashmiri families “including that of Mehbooba Mufti” and common Kashmiris continue to lose their lives, honour and self-respect on daily basis.

He said if Mehbooba Mufti or (former CM) Omar Abdullah couldn’t get AFSPA revoked even from a district or release a political prisoner like Masarat Alam, Aasiya Andrabi, Qasim Faktoo, on their own will, why should they try to be “more loyal than the king and more Indians than Indians”.

Rasheed said if Mehbooba talks about issue being bilateral and refers to Shimla, Tashkent, and other bilateral agreements, she should answer why New Delhi doesn’t show an iota of “commitment, sincerity and willingness” to talk to Pakistan for the resolution of the issue.

“Who doesn’t know that all these bilateral agreements have failed and New Delhi has been using these so-called bilateral agreements only to kill time and mislead the world,” he said.

Rasheed also ridiculed the chief minister for linking stone pelting with attack on policemen by army at Gund, Ganderbal. “Rather showing some shame over the incident, she (Mehbooba) tried to defend the army goons,” he said.


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