Letter to the Editor –II: From Science to Social Science

Letter to the Editor –II: From Science to Social Science

Life is complex. And so are decisions that we take every day. I won’t say sometimes but these, often put you in difficult and perplexing situations. There are numerous such decisions that we take continuously and have to take in the future as well. One of the common and perpetual decisions is when it comes to career choice(s). This is the most abstruse complicated that one has to take. One such critical decision time is the post Matriculation one. At this stage where there is a huge confusion as what to opt and what to leave? Here, one will come across a bunch of experts popularly called as the “Expert Brigade” whom you won’t see during your whole life but at this particular stage. This Brigade comprising of various multi dimensional fields, areas are always after you to drop their unnecessary bombs of advices, recommendations and what have you. I, became an easy prey to these so called future decoders. Despite my interest in English Literature and Social Science, I was forced to take and study the stream of science. Even though I don’t hate science but I was not interested in this stream at all.
The most probable and the most acceptable obvious reason I would like to mention behind my science stream choice, thrown at me, was to become the first Doctor o in my family lineage. Everyone around me was expecting the unexpected from a poor guy who was not interested in it at all. ( Imagine a bird caged in a birdcage trying hard to be free) Though, fortunately, I did not become a doctor, I still had to spend three more disastrous years of my life in a field I never was interested in.
All these years , breathing felt so much like suffocating. It was like with every breath I took, the oxygen burnt my lungs and made it hard for me to swallow or to speak. The flames were merciless , my insides were screaming for a cathartic release. My body was tired and so was my soul; it seemed to me that I was in a fight with myself but neither side was winning. How treacherous I became – letting down the people around me who have nothing to do with how I was feeling simply because I was tired of being tired of existing!! Now after five years of melancholia, the ultimate Divine Power has blessed me a place where I always wanted to be. A subject which pleases me and satisfies my soul is now my focal academic pursuit. To sum it poetically, a caged bird has been set free and has been allowed to live the life he always wanted to live and not the one others forced him to live(die) with!

—Sheikh Abid


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