Letter to the Editor-I: We Demand Answers!!

Letter to the Editor-I: We Demand Answers!!
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Despite beating drums about how Kashmir is an ‘Integral part’ of India, our valley has definitely never been treated as such. Kashmir is an internationally recognized disputed territory. Even though this fact does not need any evidence, the unimplemented UN Resolutions, that lie covered in heaps of dust, speak volumes about it. Unfortunately India, which has been repeatedly and severely censured at the UN Human Rights Commission and continues to face objections for her human rights record in Kashmir, continues to be stubborn. Meanwhile, Pakistan and China have also entered into this fray. All these countries are engaged in a race to subjugate this region. Pakistan and India, in particular, indulge in heated debates and express fake sympathy with Kashmiris. But, ironically the viewpoints of hapless Kashmiris are dismissed with contempt.
Kashmiris have no permission to pronounce or express anger and pain over killings and bloodshed. Whenever Kashmiris try to speak their heart out, they are silenced. Countless lives have been lost and thousands of our sons have disappeared. Numerous women have lost their chastity and almost everyone has been a victim of state barbarism in one way or the other. Killings have become an order of the day in Kashmir. On every other day, roads get painted red by the blood of innocents and this vicious cycle of violence continues day in and day out. There seems to be no end to our tragedies and sorrows. While the rest of the country celebrates festivals, we commemorate funerals. They burst crackers to mark special occasions and in our land, guns announce the dawn. Here weeping fathers shoulder coffins of their young sons while, in other places, there cakes are cut to celebrate birthdays. Their sisters celebrate “Rakhsha Bhandan’ and our sisters mourn their brothers. They rejoice while our eyes are moist with tears. Why? Why are Kashmiris treated so differently? Why are we killed so mercilessly? Is our blood so cheap that it is spilled every other day? Why do our women have to live in fear of being molested and harassed while the rest of the women elsewhere enjoy empowerment? Why do we face such atrocities if we are an integral part of the nation? Why? We need an answer from India!

—Zeeshan Rasool Khan

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  1. Santanu Chatterjee   July 23, 2017 at 6:43 pm

    I want to say something about this though I am a common people of India interested in various political affairs and not an expert. Every violence and loss of life anywhere in the world is regrettable and no one derives any joy out of it except people with psychiatric problem. But now a days we people live in a place which we called nation state or country and political borders separate one from another, unless we create a situation where we can live in a border less world where all are citizen of this world and use one currency, nation state is a defining concept in our mind and any separatist movement which is also want to create another nation state is acceptable to us and our mind and we find no harm to crash such activities in the name of patriotism. Most of the people who are get affected by such violence are directly involved in separatist activity so they bear the burnt of state force and people of other parts of India never find any harm in this. Just imagine a hypothetical things, “:J and K is an independent country and people of Jammu and Ladakh wants independence from it and wants to marge with India which is 100% possible scenario what will be the response of people of Valley in such case? Most probable answer is giving the example of muslim majority states in the world repression and oppression will be unimaginable in such cases and hardly anyone in other parts of the world ever know about it , ready example is Baluchistan and Bangladesh in 1971 so before asking any questions it is better to search within ourself and we will get answer very easily. Unless people of Kashmir stop separatist movement such violence will never stop, it only can increase or decrease in various times like a wave. Finally it is fact that chances of Kashmir’s independence or marge with Pakistan is never going to happen anytime soon as its not and will never be acceptable to us, the people of India.


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