Kashmiri Hindu leaders call on Geelani

Kashmiri Hindu leaders call on Geelani
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‘Pandits welcome, separate colonies unacceptable’

Srinagar: A delegation of Kashmiri Hindus called on Hurriyat Chairman, Syed Ali Geelani at his residence on Friday to discuss issues related to the return of Hindus to the valley.
Geelani, during the meeting, made it clear to the delegation that APHC has always believed that Hindus were an integral part of Kashmiri society and that Kashmiri people desire to see them again become a part of the society.
In a statement issued in Srinagar, Geelani said “We are not against their return. Thousands of Pandits are still living with us. They didn’t migrate to any other place. They are living in complete harmony and Muslims help them & share their feelings.”
Geelani said that Kashmiri Hindus were part of Kashmir society and APHC has always urged them to return. “We will welcome them if they are willing to settle in our society,” he said in the statement.
“And let state administration provide them help if any of them has disposed of his property,” said Geelani.
Geelani, however, questioned the idea of separate colonies for the Hindus in valley. He termed the idea unacceptable, and called it a “division in the name of religion”. “Hence we oppose it,” he said.
“The freedom movement in state is in no way a Hindu Muslim conflict, nor it is sectarian row. Instead we are pursuing a fundamental right for all those living within territory of Jammu & Kashmir,” said Geelani. “We believe that all (people) including Hindu, Sikhs, Bodh, Christians and other communities have a right to express their will and need to be respected.”
The statement said that Hindu leaders agreed with Syed Ali Geelani and said that every sane person would favour mutual harmony and brotherhood between communities.
The leaders admitted that thousands of members of the Kashmiri Hindu community lived without fear in Kashmir, said the statement.


2 Responses to "Kashmiri Hindu leaders call on Geelani"

  1. G. Din   July 22, 2017 at 7:45 pm

    Kashmiri Pandits have been forced to abandon their homes and hearths for the seventh time. Enough! It is time to quadrifurcate J&K where other minorities like Dogras and Buddhists also do not want to live under the jackboots of Srinagar-Sopore Sunnis. Under quadrifurcation, all four shall manage their own affairs and progress according to their genius.
    It is not up to old fogies to dictate to others where they shall live and how they shall live when he could not stop the exodus this last time from his own neighbourhood. Enough of this Islamic opportunist hypocrisy. No more!

    • Shah   July 23, 2017 at 12:45 am

      you display utter non sense. get your facts cleared…


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