JKCC dares authorities to debate GST in public glare

Srinagar: The Jammu and Kashmir Coordination Committee (JKCC) challenges the state government to conduct an open debate to explain its position on the sellout of state’s fiscal autonomy. The debate between the members of the government and JKCC should be held in full public glare amid media presence.
As already brought to the notice of the people through media that surptious and deceitful application of GST to Jammu and Kashmir by compromising its fiscal autonomy is against the very spirit of the state’s relations with the Indian Union guided by the Article 370, the JKCC said in a statement.
Day in and day out fresh skeletons are coming out of the cupboard that how and why the state government has been instrumental in bartering the state’s sovereignty and constitutional authority by giving concurrence to what was otherwise not within their powers. The state government owes an explanation to the people that how could it adopt a model which erodes the sovereignty of the state when other suitable options were made available to it through various recommendations.