Malik condemns firing on mourners in Shupian

Malik condemns firing on mourners in Shupian
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‘Such incidents question India’s idea of democracy’

Srinagar: JKLF chairman, Mohammad Yasin Malik, has condemned the brutalities by government forces at Zainpora Shupian and Hajin Bandipora.
In a statement issued here on Thursday, Malik said that forces showered bullets and pellets on people protesting against the death of a kid in an accident with an army vehicle at Zainpora Shupian.
“A small kid was crushed with impunity and when grief stricken people protested against this killing, police and forces showered bullets and pellets on them, injuring dozens of mourners,” said the statement.
“First they kill and then disallow mourning. Is this the democracy Indian leaders and their stooges propagate and follow?” Malik termer the assault “as most condemnable act”.
The JKLF chairman said that police and SOG also raided some residential houses at Hajan Bandipora during the following Tuesday, resorted to heavy tear smoke shelling and aerial firing and thrashed whosoever came in their way, including the elderly father of JKLF district organizer Mushtaq Ahmad Wani.
“Police and SOG also tried to arrest political activist Mushtaq Ahmad Wani and assaulted his family ruthlessly injuring many of them. While condemning this brutal behavior of Police, SOG, army and forces, JKLF chairman said that oppressors’ mindset has engulfed all the forces and now they have started killing and thrashing people on petty things,” Malik said in the statement.
“Killing of an elderly person at Bijbihara on a mere argument is a glaring example of this behavior” he said, strongly condemning the “growing oppression”.


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