Indian forces, JKP must be declared ‘terrorists’ internationally: DeM

Indian forces, JKP must be declared ‘terrorists’ internationally: DeM
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Srinagar: Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) on Thursday said that the Indian armed forces including the army, BSF and the paramilitary CRPF troops, and the Jammu and Kashmir Police, should be declared as terrorist forces at international level.
The pro-freedom women’s outlet said “their (forces) only aim is to kill, maim and oppress the innocent people of Kashmir” was ample reason to declare them as terrorist.
In a statement issued here, DeM general secretary, Nahida Nasreen, said that these “barbaric Indian forces” use extreme violence against Kashmiris whenever they get a chance.
“These terrorists don’t even take into consideration whether the person, who is being killed, beaten or jailed, is a man, woman, child or an elderly. Their only purpose here is to oppress Kashmiris and this is what they always do with or without any excuse,” she added.
Nasreen said that apart from killing militants, the government forces carry out “fake encounters” and kill Kashmiri youth every day.
She said, “Civilians are fired upon and killed without any reason. Those who raise their voice against this oppression are being showered with pellets, and bullets and are being arrested. Apart from this, the pedestrians who walk on the road are being deliberately crushed under the vehicles.”
It seems that these Indian forces move like the forces of dictators like Hitler used to move from one place. Their aim was to kill everyone who they could lay their hands on and Indian forces are doing the same to maintain the illegal occupation in JK.”
Nasreen said that on Thursday afternoon, a 12-year-old girl was crushed “deliberately” under a vehicle. “What is more ironic that people who protested against this cold blooded murder were dealt with extreme force and more than 35 civilians were injured,” she said.
“Basic thing is that India has occupied Kashmir illegally and those who raise voice against this illegal occupation are being jailed, tortured and killed. Our party chairperson, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, who also raises her voice against this brutal occupation has been kept in jail illegally for the past four months,” she said.
She added that like the Indian government, “its judiciary also works to extend the occupation”. “But history says that those who consider themselves Gods meet a dreadful end. There are examples like the Firoaan (Pharaoh) or Namrood. Their fate is known to all. The regime like the Soviet Union is shattered and by the grace of Almighty Allah (SWT), India will meet the same fate. India will be wiped out of the world map,” she said.
She said that the people of Kashmir must not lose hope and should remain steadfast in their resolve.
“The blood of our martyrs who sacrificed their lives since 1947, the blood of this innocent child from Shopian (Arooba), the blood of the 60-year-old shopkeeper from Bejbehara and the blood of the Mujahideen (Shaheed Mudasir, Shaheed Showkat sahib) and Shaheed Rayees Ahmad, who were martyred in Bulbul Nowgam recently, will never go waste and very soon India will be destroyed and we will see the rule of Allah established in Kashmir.”
The DeM general secretary further said that fate of the “puppet government” will be similar to the Abdullahs. “Once Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah were ruling at the behest of these brutal forces in Kashmir, but have no relevance today. Mehbooba’s fate will be same. These puppets will only be remembered as the enemies of the people of Kashmir and this will be their legacy,” she said.
Nasreen further said that the world bodies including the UN and countries like China are taking keen interest in the resolution of Kashmir issue. “To achieve that, people of Kashmir need to remain steadfast and should avoid any confusion regarding the Kashmir movement,” she added.
She said that India has always tried to weaken the armed as well as political resistance in Kashmir. “India used force, spent money and used all resources to weaken the struggle and to create confusion among the people here. Similar attempts are being made nowadays but India must remember that today’s generation is aware about its sinister policies and with the help of Almighty Allah SWT and by remaining united and steadfast, will fail India cheap tricks at every level,” she added.


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