Yatra Killings: Between the Vortex of the Conflict and Ultra Nationalism

Yatra Killings: Between the Vortex of the Conflict and Ultra Nationalism

By Engineer Rasheed

This time it was the hot and thick blood of Amarnath Yatris that was used to blood bath Kashmir. Condemnation from every quarter was natural and beyond any question mark; Kashmiris including militants condemned the attack and asserted that religious harmony was and is in their genetic code. However, the ultra-nationalist Indian media and communally charged political and defence analysts demanded that Kashmiris condemn more as if they were deaf and dumb and the voice of Kashmiris couldn’t reach their cosy rooms and corporate sponsored TV studios.
Every Indian has a right to ask Kashmiris about the real story. Have Kashmiris really turned so mad and communal that they don’t spare even the religious pilgrims? The answer is simple, “nothing lies in our hands, New Delhi controls everything; it shamelessly controlled even militancy by creating counter insurgents like Mum Kanna, Rashid Billa, Koka Parray, Azad Nabi, Usman Majeed and Javid Shah. New Delhi often forces Kashmiris to retaliate and has given a total free hand to the forces to do what they want in the name of so called national interest, which has now become more as a “vested interest”.
Indians might be feeling more pain for the reason that they received seven coffins in one go, but it should not be forgotten that in a small place called Kashmir, people have buried even hundreds on a single day. But for being labelled as Pakistani agents, radicals and anti-nationals, stone pelters, Wahabis, Salafis and anti-Indians, our blood looks thinner than water. From men in uniform to those in TV studios, and from the PMO office to coffee shops , many Indians celebrate our death and destruction, as they see it as the only method to keep India united and keep Indian nationalism alive.
Let us not compare deaths but those having nothing to debate other than the attack on Yatris need to be reminded that despite condemning the attack, Kashmiris have lost interest in counting deaths and condoling families as they know it yields nothing but adds more to the pain of the grieved families. I am not giving clean chit to anybody but have a right to ask that if the Government Amarnath Shrine Board and the security agencies have already hinted at the security lapse and the bus that was attacked not being registered properly, why should militants be blamed and why should not their denial of involvement in the incident not be accepted with respect and honour?
Why should they be provoked rather being praised for condemning the attack? Whatsoever remarkable Mehbooba might have throughout her life, she has a ‘right’ to claim addition of one more good deed to that chapter by including her spending the whole night in taking care of Yatries , bowing them and trying to be apologetic, as if every Kashmiri had a gun in his hands and has the only job to kill Yatris.
Mehbooba should answer who politicised the Yatra? If the Saudi state could ban all political slogans on eve of Haj, why is New Delhi every time politicising Yatra? Yatris visit should have been confined to performing the Yatra only but in a charged atmosphere where Kashmiris lose their young blood every day, may anyone answer what was the objective behind Yatris holding tri-colour in Pahalgam?
It is shameful Mehbooba can bow her head in shame before Yatris without any fault of Kashmiris, but will also give a clean chit to BJP for disgracing and insulting 13thJuly Martyrs by claiming that she has represented the entire Government and that the BJP not paying tributes to Martyrs was a non-issue. If this is the case then BJP can claim that PDP’s silence asking abrogation of Article 370 is a non-issue as BJP has been pleading the case on their behalf as well!
The response after the killing of seven Yatris has exposed New Delhi’s hypocrisy as its mollycoddled and cocooned politicians like Omer Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti stand badly naked in their own court of conscience. Kashmiris have realised that while Yatris could get a compensation of six lacs, the cold blooded murder of Shabir Ahmad, a lecturer and dozens like him carries no meaning and their blood crunches the thirst of the ultra-nationalist, fanatic and radical Indian state. New Delhi may make much hue and cry but the fact of the matter is that every incident weakens New Delhi’s already shattered base in Jammu & Kashmir.

—The author is an MLA from Langate. He can be reached at: mlalangate@gmail.com



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