Army beats up Shopian villagers after they refuse to chant anti-Pak, pro-India slogans

Army beats up Shopian villagers after they refuse to chant anti-Pak, pro-India slogans
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Shopian: Kundalan village in Shopian district was subjected to another army assault on Sunday evening, with soldiers forcing the villagers to chant pro-india and anti-Pakistan slogans. When they refused, the soldiers thrashed them.
Residents of Kundalan village told Kashmir Reader that the army beat up 15 persons after they refused to chant pro-India and anti-Pak slogans. “They (army soldiers) reached our village at about 8:30 Sunday evening. They abused us and told us to chant ‘Hindustan Zindabad and Pakistan Murdabad’. When we refused, they beat us ruthlessly,” a resident said, requesting that his name be withheld.
Another villager complained, “Why were we forced to chant pro-India and anti-Pak slogans? Why should we praise the nation that has turned our lives into hell. We hate this nation.”
In June this year, the army had set up a new garrison at Nagisharan village, at a spot that was vacated ten years ago by the army. Two days after this new garrison was set up, army soldiers vandalised Nagisharan village in a night raid. Villagers had told Kashmir Reader that army soldiers smashed dozens of parked vehicles, vandalised residential houses, and looted shops in the village.
Kundalan village, too, had been attacked at night by army soldiers last month. After the latest assault on Sunday, villagers blocked the Shopian-Kadair road in a protest. Hundreds of vehicles including school buses were stranded due to the road blockade.
Srinagar-based army spokesperson Colonel Rajesh Kalia told Kashmir Reader that no trooper was involved in any attack on Kundalan village. “None of our soldiers was involved in manhandling any villager or forcing anyone to chat any kind of slogans,” he said.


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