Infant’s death triggers protest, doctors strike at GB Pant hospital

Infant’s death triggers protest, doctors strike at GB Pant hospital
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SRINAGAR: The doctors at the lone Children’s hospital staged protest against alleged thrashing of a colleague at the hands of a civilian following the death of a baby. Doctors say the baby, one of the twins, was born weak and despite their efforts he could not be saved.
They alleged that the attendant of the baby lost his cool when he heard about the death of baby and he attacked a senior doctor.
The doctors said a lady had given birth to twins at a private hospital and soon after the delivery the twins were admitted to GB Pant hospital because of their pre-mature birth. “It was a premature delivery. One of the babies was weak and weighted about 1.6 kilograms. He was on triple support ventilator,” a protesting doctor said adding “there is more chances of mortality in babies who are born before 9 months but general public does not understand this,” he said
“We try to make parents aware about the prognosis but sometimes it doesn’t work,” he said.
“On hearing the news of baby’s death, the person came out on the highway which prompted the police to come to the spot. When the doctors of the hospital arrived, the man slapped one of the senior doctors thrice in front of everyone,” he said.
The incident prompted the doctors to go for a strike and stage protests. However, the normal work was resumed immediately after the intervention of senior doctors.
“If the person had some complains, he could have dealt with it in a proper manner, even exploring legal recourse. This is not the way to deal with doctors. We too are humans. The senior doctor who was assaulted, was not even treating the baby,” another doctor said.
The doctors demanded action against the person and his associates within 24 hours. “If the police fail to take action, we will again go for strike,” they said.



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