Beloved Nature

By Mir Umar

I have reached the milestone when I found nature. The best moments of ecstasy can be enjoyed with it. A sense of inspiration flows through it. Nature’s beauty is enormously addictive which attracts human soul towards it. The creatures residing in the palace of nature grace the strangers when they fest with it. Through my poor eyes, I have been not able to see the amusement within you. It is only the pearl like quantity which I have understood and have fallen in love with it. Though there are millions of moths which want to earn your beauty but I, as a different lover, stood by your sufferings and hardships which are inseparable to articulate.
I fear the staring eyes of humans because the way you have spread your beauty all across could get you in trouble. Beyond the human thoughts, I have found my beloved in nature.
I have seen you through visible light under the extremely hot sun and through the prism of darkness with the help of moonlight. I have grown up by seeing you. I have lost my fears and sufferings in your natural assets. No matter what the conditions were, my sufferings were buried deep inside you. You are the God’s gift containing natural flavor. Yet man has not understood the fact behind creating nature. When man will understand the logic behind nature, he’ll die in agony. It’s your physical beauty which gravitate me towards you but your intrinsic beauty remains the undersea of my thoughts. It’s the spirit of essence that god has bestowed you with. There is no end to your beauty as it has surfaced thoroughly. Man cannot understand the nature until he will first start to feel it. There is a deep essence struck inside you which I fail to discover. The creatures which live within your spirit are following the instructions of you. Nature is a spirit in itself but the poor knowledge of my soul could ever understand the reason behind it. Today , nature is only loved for earning the pleasures from it. As I am myself unaware about your eternal beauty which makes me a stranger searching for destination in you. Through my heart, I search peace in you. I have deep feelings for you because I have understood you through the tragedies you have faced. It is my affinity and love towards you which keep my thoughts flowing in the form of words. No matter what conditions you will put, I will fearlessly accept those.
Nature reflects the beauty of my beloved which endorse me to follow it. The mountains, trees, birds, water and so reside by you and I reside by them. I have the resurrection of hope left that nature will never betray the heart which loves it with deep feelings. The dexterous mountains spread over earth provide my sight a higher vision. Trees explode music when air diverges through the leaves. Birds further express their voice to the little known music of nature. Water also flows inexorably from woods; reach the land through different routes and resurrect a new life in green vegetation. Water follows its own music by striking itself to the stony layers of mountains. The winds act as messengers of the beloved. It crosses each fetter and sustains me with the beloved’s fragrance. The fragrances of beloved add natural ether to the air and bring calmness in the never ending chaos. My love for nature is not physical but eternal which will further adore me towards it. Writers, poets, artists are the true lovers of nature. They draw inspiration from it which becomes a source of their intrinsic creativity. They share their tales with nature as the lover share secrets with his beloved.
But, as the world is heading towards modernity, my beloved nature is facing an axe from the man. The nature itself is in trouble. My heart weeps when it pours the tears in the form of rains. I could understand the deep silence of nature. It bleeds intrinsically and my heart grieves on it. Yet , man is unable to hear the hidden cries of nature. Only the sensitive can understand the hidden sufferings of nature.
Incidentally the winds went off, moon got covered with clouds and trees restrained their moment and I went back from my thoughts. I was awake. I saw it was complete darkness all around and there was no light. In this mystic world, I interpreted nature as my beloved. The white paper was still blank with no words written on it and pen was waiting for the touch to flow. Through the window pane, I mysteriously contradicted nature as my beloved like ailing ink, majestically afflicting nature.

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