Our religion and ethos teach us to respect humanity: JKLF

Our religion and ethos teach us to respect humanity: JKLF
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Srinagar: Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front said Thursday that Kashmir mourned the killing of seven Yatris in one voice because “our religion and ethos teach us to respect humanity and human values”.
In a statement issued here JKLF zonal president Noor Muhammad Kalwal while reacting to statement of MoS PMO Jitendra Singh said,
“We are not like those Indian leaders and media channels whose fascist ego is satisfied on seeing dead bodies and who only know to celebrate death and miseries.”
Kalwal was reacting to Singh’s statement that unequivocal condemnation of Yatris killings by Kashmiri civil society has vindicated their faith in everything that India stands for and for which J&K stands for.
Kalwal said that loving every human irrespective of his religion and region and respecting his right to life is taught to by Islam and Kashmiri ethos “that is why we all felt pained on the killings of Hindu Yatrees.”
Terming Singh’s assertions of finishing Kashmiri resistance within three months as “day dreaming”, Kalwal said that Jammu Kashmir is an internationally acknowledged issue and people of Jammu Kashmir are “fighting for their Azadi from Indian colonial occupation from last seventy years.”
“Oppression and suppression, killings, arrests, blinding and maiming have and can never defeat the valor, passion and aspirations of Kashmiris. We want to tell Indian leaders and their Kashmiri stooges that increasing oppression and tyranny cannot defeat our resolve to resist and urge for freedom,” he said adding that Indian ministers should stop “daydreaming, shun their attitude of ignorance and denial,”
Condemning curfew and restrictions to stop united resistance leadership march towards Mazari Shuhada, JKLF leader said that despite all “oppression” Kashmiris registered their “desire for freedom and love for martyrs through “exemplary shutdown”.
“This should serve as an eye opener to Indian leaders and ministers who are daydreaming of defeating Kashmiris by military and police might,” he said.



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