On Education: Into the Competition and the ‘Approach’

On Education: Into the Competition and the ‘Approach’
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By Raja Ishfaq Lateef

In the year 2016, post Burhan Wani’ killing, everything came to standstill. From a shopkeeper to a teacher and from a street vendor to a professor ,each and everyone found their safe zone at their respective homes. When I arrived back, I found all my friends already in the town. Many friends had yet not joined back their duties and were still busy with Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations. At that time, no one was expecting such a long strike. With every passing day , new reports of fresh killings were pouring in, which continued for some time. The student fraternity was left to God’s mercy. Weeks passed but protest calendars were yet to take a stop call. Half a month passed. Some educated men came up with community schools to teach students of their areas free of cost. Homes, Masjids, Islamic seminaries became the new schools and students too start going there fearlessly.
We too erected a one in our community; a friend gave space and local coaching institutes provided the furnishing. The initial days were not good as far as student attendance is concerned but soon it became the talk of town. From faraway places students crossed all odds to reach the school early in the morning.
We first started the classes as per the routine syllabi but after every passing day, we were seeing a difference between the students of our town and those studying outside. The number of students hitting the streets to protest was increasing. I saw a number of students sent to relatives’ houses. Many went to Jammu for coaching. Of our 11th class, we changed the trend and started examining, objective as well as descriptive aspects and a proper timing, felt that they are unable to digest, we failed.
The overall situation in the valley was turning tense. Continuous curfew and protests had made life hell. As my friend, Saood was always telling that discipline and hardwork are the only two things; one must focus upon to achieve one’s goal. But the situation was not allowing our student community to work hard and discipline that time was nothing other than a joke. Another friend Mubeen Masoodi was after the term ‘consistency’ but was all in vain. The main problem was something else.
It took some time to understand the problem; the problem was within this time I can say, was the final stage for the students of twelfth class (12th class) but as far as the 11th class, it was curable. I met a senior teacher and told him the problem it but nothing fruitful came out.
The problem was in the approach. It was not the fault of students but their respected teachers. Till date, the students were taught to learn, memorize and not to solve. The ‘cancer’ like un-curable disease for both Medical as well as Non-Medical students is the theoretical approach by teachers in subjects like Physics and Chemistry. We have been said that ‘only medical’ stream has nothing to do with mathematics but this is totally incorrect. Physics and Chemistry, in both the streams, are same. Instead of trying to teach mathematically, teaching Mughalae way is nothing but disastrous. It never helps a student to understand and prove anything in these two subjects mathematically but what our teachers are doing; while teaching Medical students they are lauding Mathematics not as the mother of all practical subjects but as a monster.
The people they are in competition with are in far better position to take the lead. How a Mughale story could help a Kashmiri student in any competitive exams like JEE, NEET? The students either with theoretical approach irrespective of Medical trade or Non Medical can never compete with student who had been gone through with a mathematical approach. 10 + 1 and 2 are same for all, either studying in Rajasthan’s Kota, Delhi’s Okhla or Kashmir.

—The author is a Bachelor in Technology (Civil)and can be reached at: a9jaifishfaq@gmail.com

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