Tankipora panics after spotting snakes

Tankipora panics after spotting snakes
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Residents clear Jehlum embankments to track the ‘dangerous’ creatures

SRINAGAR: Residents in Tankipora have begun to clear Jhelum embankments of weeds and trash after spotting snakes along the river, putting people in a panic mode.
Families living along Malik Sahib Ghat, adjoining the office of Divisional Commissioner Kashmir in Srinagar, say that snakes were never sighted along the embankments before. Terrified, people are taking extra precautions and keeping indoors for most parts fearing snakes may enter homes.
Nazir Ahmad, a resident of Tankipora, told Kashmir Reader that snake sightings have been very frequent for some time now. He said, “We never saw snakes in this area before.”
We don’t know how they landed here, but after we confirmed their presence we reported it to the police and the wildlife official but the wildlife officials could not track down the animals.”
Nazir said that residents were not aware of any particular location where snakes might be found, so they could not guide the wild life officials.
Ghulam Hassan Shagoo, who ferries commuters in a shikara across Jehlum banks, said that he was astonished after he saw snakes crawling along the bank of the river. “Snakes have made several appearances along the bund but remain obscured by the weed,” he said.
The neighbourhood has now pitched in and started clearing most of these weeds. Shagoo said that locals along the Malik Sahib Ghat all the way to the Lalded Museum have started clearing the weeds.
Wildlife Warden Central Kashmir, Imtiyaz Ahmad Lone, said that they have already dispatched teams to the area, though they could not spot any snakes or catch them.
“People get panicked after seeing snakes,” he said, urging them to stay calm and not panic or try catching any snakes. He urged people to call his department in case of any sightings.
Imtiyaz said that most of the snakes found in Kashmir were non-poisonous and water snakes too are non-poisonous.

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