PDP elated over GST rollout, says adversaries were embarrassed

PDP elated over GST rollout, says adversaries were embarrassed
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Srinagar: Welcoming the ‘satisfactory passage’ of GST law in the state, the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) vice president Mohammad Sartaj Madni said that this marks the clear departure from shady deals of past and deceitful erosions to Article 370 of Indian Constitution. He said section 5 of State’s constitution has also been kept intact which upholds exclusive power of the state legislature to make laws.
According to a party statement, Madani while addressing party cadres at Jammu said the biggest achievement coming out of this bold and transparent exercise was apparent from the fact that before implementation in amended form an open debate was invited on its implications in and outside Assembly which allowed participation of all stakeholders. “By taking the issue to legislature for concurrence even as cabinet was empowered to do it, PDP has established a precedent to honour the elected representatives,” he said adding the practice should close the doors for all and sundry to play any constitutional mischief or fraud with the people of the state in a huff or through any manipulation in future.
He said besides honouring the state legislature civil society and trade bodies Chief Minister Mehbooha Mufti facilitated assimilation of divergent views on GST law and Autonomy in her objective to re-establish the state’s initiative and authority to make laws.
Madni hailed the cooperation lent by several sections of society in saving the state from confrontation and crisis. The cooperation in accommodating views of the state Government from BJP’s central leadership including Prime Minister Narender Modi, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley Home Minister Rajnath Singh and the union Law Ministry is assuring as far as concurring with the aspirations and regard for views of larger was concerned.
Madni said this course has fully nailed the adverse and false propaganda of adversaries and cynics. Neither has PDP compromised its stand and position on stated sensitive constitutional, political, financial, social or constitutional issues. Nor should anyone harbour a doubt about how BJP voted for the Bill and Resolution envisaging full safeguards under Article 370 and section 5 of J&K constitution.
He said credit goes to President of India who lent his concurrence to J&K state’s proposals without any slight change thus declaring, first time in history the sustainability of law on Autonomy and respect for the constitutional position with humble and honest pleading from the state Government.
“Who should challenge India’s President’s Authority as Guardian of the Constitution Madni asked observing that Presidents Order on GST is an obvious command and resolve of Indian state under present dispensation to honour and respect the fiscal and political autonomy of J&K.
“The order marks a clear shift from past practices replete with clandestine erosions of Article 370 to well —desired effort to protect whatever is left of Special status, Madni pointed out, adding in the process the apprehensions triggered by vested interest including National Conference and Congress have been allayed. The two parties in particular stand exposed as their collaboration and deceit for diluting autonomy for power was openly debated and exposed. History will hold them guilty for theur track record of deceit, collabratiob and brazen emotional black mail.


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